self discovery #abecedarian

Val’s ASH # 12 write an Abecedarian poem about the path to self discovery.

awareness opens insightful understanding
beyond my immediate insular world
calm can’t descend until I cut expectations
delightful bliss will light my way
ever vigilant I need to transform any harm
for it will be my biggest downfall
generosity is also a key, more to others, less for me
hate and harm do far more damage

in our world than we could ever know
joy and bliss I will know with persistent effort
knowledge and wisdom should surely follow
like day follows night once I’ve got it right
mindfulness an essential ingredient
nourish it well to grow and mature
open my heart and my mind, please be kind
pain and pleasure a measure of each other

question everything for ignorance is foolish
read and write wisely to share my path
sincerity is greatly respected by all
tenderness and kind care attracts friends and resources
understanding enhances all my relationships
value it greatly for it gives birth to
wisdom which is both insightful and empowering
yielding love for all, it is my call

© 2021

bee banquet!


  1. I finally found it! And it is beautiful! You really took this to the next level – not only achieved the summit but this is a road map to the stars! S’wunderful, s’marvelous! (I’ve got to use made up words to express the frabjoyous feeling this poem gives me!!!!)

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  2. Accomplished. Brilliant. Connected. Dynamic. Encouraging. Fitting. Genuine. Helpful. Inspirational. Just. Knowing. Logical. Masterful. Now. Open-minded. POEM. 🙂 Quality. Rewarding. Saving. Thoughtful. Understanding. Valuable. Wisdom. XOXO 🙂 You. 🙂 Zestful.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  3. Awareness comes from not what’s there
    But from of what you’re not aware
    Confusion is what helps you see
    Dawn anew. And lets you be
    Enlightened by the rising sun
    Favoured by the sacred one
    Gifted with an inner sight
    Heathen magic? Endless night?
    Inner meaning. Outer calm
    Join me darling. Arm in arm
    Kindred spirits. Taste my wine
    Linked together. Feeling fine
    Miracles will come and go
    No-one will know what we know
    Only you and I can see
    Potentially, of what must be
    Quintessential harmony
    Romance. It’s just you and me
    Satan hears our marriage vows
    The Lord stands silently, then bows
    Understanding His demise
    Validation. No surprise
    Wondering. Is this a trance?
    Xenobiotic circumstance?
    Yielding to the master’s call
    Zen means nothing. Zen means all.

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      • You’d be amazed at what I can still manage on a Saturday night, Kate, but this, perhaps, is not one of the great moments. I could try to edit it, I suppose, but then it might attempt to assume a meaning beyond itself (as I sometimes foolishly try to do). Any meaning, in fact, is to be found within the meaningless – that’s Zen, for you – don’t try to explain it ….

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