village virility

Virility S2E1

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Male residents were by far the minority, so they expected a few extra perks. Such as second covered parking spaces for their caravans or trailers while some widows had no choice but to park on the street. They were personally ‘invited’ to all the official and ‘secret’ events with priority seating granted on the bus trips.

Little old widows keen for companionship residing closely with men in their 80’s still driven by lust equals a volatile cocktail. Some knocked on doors at all hours expecting to be warmly received, granted free fresh meals and lustful encounters when and with whomever they desired!

Most ladies obliged with the hope that they could hook them with love, or at least wow them with culinary skills. Grateful for companionship in any form. Roz and Fay staunchly refuse to cook for any, claiming “$2 for a hot lunch, where can you get cheaper”. Seems that their lunches with the homeless were more an economic saving and less to do with ‘socialising’ with or supporting the homeless. Always careful to avoid mentioning that they had comfortable secure two bedroom apartments in the retirement village they so ruthlessly ruled.

Even some of those still married didn’t miss out on these perks, the wives already knew they were jerks! But once you’ve sacrificed your morals for sixty plus years, they valued an unfaithful husband to life on their own. There is huge status to having a ‘man’ no matter the cost.

Their whispered liaisons were planned in the corridors, at the washing lines, in the ‘seniors’ gym … every opportunity was milked for maximum titillation. Don’t forget these people had a huge reservoir of experience and didn’t prance around the matter like young bucks. Shopping expeditions could always be drawn out when they ‘accidently’ bumped into a neighbour for a cuppa in their favourite café.

Fortunately not all the men indulged in such behaviour and The Prof was one of them. These chaps were trusted and respected. Jade suggested Jean might ask him to housesit on the Sundays she went to the piano bar at the local RSL [retired services league club]. That was the day her thieves usually struck, indicating that they were well aware of her social schedule. As Jean resided on the riverfront with a grand view the Prof was most keen to oblige and so a congenial arrangement was made.

Please don’t make the foolish mistake of thinking that retirees are not sexually active whenever possible, they didn’t get to this ripe age being cautious!

Any resemblance to real life people or situations is pure imagination,
but the names have been changed to protect the author from legal action.

© 2021


  1. Haha! My in-laws lived in a retirement community until a couple years ago. There was a national news story about the seniors having sex in the park – at all hours of the day and night! I’m pretty sure that the older you get the louder the ticking of the clock becomes with few inhibitions as the result!!

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  2. What a great read. And I’ve heard and observed the truth in it firsthand from the senior adults I’ve befriended and visited…especially those in senior resident centers, etc.
    One 90-something year old lady told me the old men were after old women for only 2 reasons…Nurse or Purse, she said, “They want you to be their nurse or they’re after your money.”
    One morning an 80-something year old family friend wanted to show me something in the hallway at her senior living facility. Before we walked out into the hall she put a big robe on over her very modest/decent PJ’S…buttoned up the robe and said, with a wink, “I don’t want to give any of the men any ideas this early in the morning.” HA! 😀
    I have a million stories…I’ve always loved senior adults…the more well-seasoned the better…I’ve done a lot of volunteer work with them, I’ve befriended a lot of them, even adopted some as grandparents in my life. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    • wow that is special … aunties sister did the world travel after working in wealthy people’s homes. Aunt played the piano and partied hard but ‘smart’, nothing passed her and so full of tudor and roses history!

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