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Another walk in perfect conditions, with congenial company and providing a great physical workout! We met in a car park and headed directly down to the beach where we couldn’t see even half a dozen people. Byron [a main ‘tourist’ town where many hollywood stars migrated during rump and covid dangers] deserted was a very eerie feeling. We climbed to the platform where we could look left to Byron township and out across to Mount Warning, the twin peaks, Julian Rocks. Hearing the First Nations’ stories of these magnificent creations is always a highlight. The clarity was superb, the water sparkling and the naked bathers duly duck dived to ensure we couldn’t miss the beauty of their birthday suits!

Mount Warning and the Twin Peaks

Six of us followed the waterline along to the next beach for our picnic on benches right on the waterline with bin birds, bush turkeys and a few others with the urge to soak up the sun. Plenty of tradesmen here, obviously the locals pay well enough to keep them as we’ve heard there is a drastic shortage in most places.

Then the steep climb to the lighthouse with plenty of lookouts along the way; we certainly spotted the odd whale side flipper and spouts from the young ones but no big mamas doing breaches or anything spectacular. Birds flitted in and about, a whip bird, a honeyeater and others too transient to identify. Some of our group were obviously step fit but I was huffing and puffing while young fit ones sped past us with the ease of daily joggers.

The lighthouse café provided a nice ice cream treat with locally made ‘health’ ones while easy banter sprinkled our chats. Then as we started downhill a very large pod of bottle-nosed dolphins delighted us with their antics; a feeding frenzy and catching the waves within meters of a couple of surfboard riders who just sat in awe watching the experts.

a large pod of bottle nosed dolphins

At five kilometres and ten thousand steps two of us wondered if we could make the car park but we did! Inspiring to know that we can still ‘do it’ we wondered about those too frail or unable to join us!

PS another published by Spillwords, thanks!


  1. Walk is the best of th sports . Bravo Kate .And this walk worth it with such a show at the sea .
    I read above in one of your replies you did not have published yet . Probaly it is soon .
    Love ❤

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  2. A beautiful re-walk. I enjoyed looking at the photos again! The stillness, strength, and beauty in that first photo is inspiring, and encouraging. And, of course, dolphins are always joy-bringers.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  3. Beautiful place! Wonderful photos! Mother Nature had a lot to share with you all as you walked! We must all be more appreciative and respectful of nature…we are given such joy when we walk and observe. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…thank you for taking us along via your memories of the day and via your photos!

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  4. I loved this walk on the beach! (so glad you were up to the hike). What beautiful water! But I’m not sure what a bin bird is nor a bush turkey… And I didn’t know there were nude beaches!! I learn something new every day!! I’d love to hear the First Nations’ stories about the Julian Rocks and Mount Warning!

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    • aha this one features a bush turkey

      a bin bird is a large black and white one, they have a proper name but you must be used to my nicknames by now 🙂

      I don’t wish to post my short ad-hoc stories online, they are dreamtime and should be given respect and written accurately … I believe I might have some approved versions. Will try to find them but it would become another post, ppl would miss them in the comments section 🙂

      geeze you make me work Val, but do appreciate your interest 🙂


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