a trivial tritina

Val has set a challenge of poetry
most formats are totally absurd
waste of time and my word-worth

wondering if any of this has worth
these convoluted twists of poetry
I must laugh aloud it’s so absurd

it ties my mind in knots so absurd
the terms difficult, has it any worth
a testament to most bizarre poetry

so what is this absurd poetry worth?

Val from Murisposis has challenged us with ASH – August Scavenger Hunt
this is #7 write a Tritina with a touch of whimsy or nonsense.

Jackson Pollock … no idea how it got in amongst my pics 

d’Verse, OLN, Mish


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! You just knocked this one out of the park – I am near speechless. You have wit, you are clever, and it is not nonsense so it must be whimsy!! I love this one beyond words!!!! ❤

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  2. I so agree with your “take” on some convoluted poetry forms, and I’m amazed that you presented it in tritina format! How clever.

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