village variables

Variables S1E3
you will need to read the first episode to know who these characters are

Roz [a villian] was seen wearing an ostentatious watch that week. It was made of high-grade gold and she was very swift to claim it was from her grandmother. As number 8 in a very poor family of 12 one has to wonder how they could afford to keep such an expensive heirloom …

Frankly Jade [retired PI] was on the ‘let’s freeze this one out’ list because she had the cheek to purchase the front compact cottage that the gardener had always considered would be his on retirement. But here she was younger and fitter than most taking up residence in ‘his’ cottage and threatening to only leave in her coffin … they would show her! None of them would engage with her, they would firmly shut her out by excluding her from their ‘secret’ tea parties and card games. Such gatherings were ‘illegal’ during lockdown, and they much preferred to talk ‘about’ Jade rather than ‘to’ her. So none knew that she was a retired PI or a Jedi, for if any had bothered to engage she would openly sharing her rich exciting life!

They didn’t mistake Jade for a fool but they were so confident in their scams that they didn’t really consider she might be watching. As residents or inmates adjusted to this ‘new’ life in a retirement village, they avoided any mention of their previous lives. Yet widows were prone to brag about their husbands, odd how everyone had the “perfect” marriage once their hubby had passed.

A week later the theft victim, Jean, asked Jade to help her buy a padlock for her storage cupboard, afraid that would be targeted next. During this expedition it evolved that this neighbour had been ‘robbed’ eight times altogether now! And each time the same items were taken, and although insured she had never replaced them. That and a few other comments led Jade to wonder if this particular neighbour might have some memory loss. How many times can the same items be stolen? The police no longer responded to her reports and Jean had now spent $840 changing her door locks every time. But the locksmith still coded the keys so the ‘master’ would open them. So no matter how many times the locks were changed, access to a master key made the exercise quite pointless.

On return with the padlock Roz was waiting in ambush. Someone must have informed her that they had left together and she seemed panicked that the sensible Jade may have taken Jean to the police. Or did the Prof tick them off that she was prone to using the police to verify her doubts …

So was this indeed an inside job or just a figment of the poor Jean’s failing memory …

Any resemblance to real life people or situations is pure imagination,
but the names have been changed to protect the author from legal action.

© 2021

PS a neighbour shared a meme trending on the net
“the Mask is the NEW Bra
it’s very uncomfortable to wear
you must wear it whenever you step out
and if you don’t everyone will notice”
… no wonder men are struggling, they’ve never had to wear a bra!


  1. And the plot thickens. I wouldn’t like to live in a village where someone has a master key for ready access. I also wonder how objects can be stolen many times.
    Write on, Kate!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OOH! This is great, SweetKate! It’s playing like a movie in my head. That’s a good thing!
    Hmm…I’m thinking inside job. ???
    I’m so glad you shared another chapter of this action-filled fun story! I can’t wait to read more.
    And that comparison of mask to bra made me snort-laugh. 😀 Thank you for a much needed laugh. 🙂 (((HUGS)))

    Liked by 1 person

  3. And the plot thickens … Haha … love this line Kate ..” Yet widows were prone to brag about their husbands, odd how everyone had the “perfect” marriage once their hubby had passed.”

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