justice jedi #series

yesterday morning a fictional story was born
poured from me without any prompting
no gestation period or birthing pain
must have been dormant as it burst forth
determined to outline Justice Jedi’s
passion to resolve major injustices
to sort the mess we’ve made
born from greed of power and wealth
to right the wrongs to install morality
to bring back respect and basic humanity

this fiction will flower as her seeds germinate
empowering us to think and act better
no need to repeat the convoluted pollutions
from all our prior mistakes
time to graft kindness and concern
deeply into our conscious
to support each other
and abandon all jealousy greed
and insecurity for they got us into this
woeful quagmire …

so read and emulate your superheros
or even invent your own
lets imbue our world and souls
with nurturing nectar
let’s practice patience tolerance
and thoughtfulness for its what
we each want … let the harm implode
for it’s cursed and ruined our lives
our attitudes and emphasise need refocus
to rebuild our world and life of lotus

an explanation of how this series unfolded  … click on the links below for each episode!
Sadly I’ve taken a very long break ….

  1. justice jedi
  2. justice can grow
  3. justice jedi’s team
  4. World Justice Council
  5. justice projects
  6. justice mama

Originally posted as a ‘page’ on Nov 14, 2019, sorry just reorganising my blog …
but know that this team and many others are out there seeking justice and equality for all!
Please do your bit to support the cause and stand up for the vulnerable, they need our help.


  1. Thank you so much dear Kate for this thought provoking poem and we really need to open our eyes and see what is happening all around us. We need to move towards positiveness and change our attitudes for living a life of being together in love, joy and kindness. Too good.

    Liked by 1 person

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