monotetra #d’Verse

I found a poem by Walker
seems he was a real talker
his refrains haunt like a stalker
he doesn’t falter, he doesn’t falter

will follow his poetic lead
his high standard i need to heed
he has planted a fertile seed
I feel the bleed, I feel the bleed

maybe it is within my scope
I shall grope at poetic hope
not slide down that slippery slope
I shall not mope, I shall not mope

this one is written with much pain
trying new formats keeps me sane
persistent effort will bring gain
I shall reframe, I shall refrain

d’Verse, monotetra, Grace .. another format from Michael Walker


  1. A clever creative poem birthed from an interesting prompt. Great job, Kate!
    Your photo is so beautiful, I look at it and feel like I can see the clouds move across the sky and the water ripple in the sunlight!

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  2. Thanks! You inspired me to go look for some Michael Walker. Was vaguely surprised to find he’s a New Zealander.

    Your poem is great. I always think, with rhyming and metre, that getting your message through logically and poetically is half the challenge. You have done this easily and fluently and there is emotion there too and inspiration. I like it!

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