life often interrupts
my well made plans
flexibility a necessity
to adapt to my ‘now’

for any interruption
is an encounter to
stretch and teach me
what I need to learn

so look listen and learn,
enjoy it, don’t be stern.
discretion a skill I yearn
maturity a vital to earn

know I have the capacity
to cope with whatever comes
my way. Knowing all is
possible brings a warm smile

knowing I am worthwhile
fills me with contented bliss
resilience is my superpower
… know it’s also yours!

WP seems to set to ‘snooze’ mode, where have all the bloggers gone?


  1. Beautiful, full of positivity!! Very well written Kate😊 To adapt and accept the situation is the only way to move forward in life. Life is very unpredictable, you plan something and something else happens. But as long as one is alive, one should be thankful. Hope you are doing well Kate😊🌷

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  2. An inspiring read Kate, and this stanza echoed my maturing thoughts
    “so look listen and learn,
    enjoy it, don’t be stern.
    discretion a skill I yearn
    maturity a vital to earn”

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  3. Very beautiful poem, full of wisdom and truth 💛✨ I remember my impatience until I learned to appreciate the Pause and Detours in life as opportunity for lessons and wisdom without which I wouldn’t be fully who I can be 🙂


  4. OH, you know I love this, SweetKate! 🙂 Thank you for this wisdom, truth, encouragement, and challenge! 🙂 You are a SuperHeroine to me! 🙂
    Beautiful photo! Those flowers…their sweet faces…their color…just makes me grin! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂
    PS…maybe WP peoples are out and about more these days and aren't online as much??? I do hope they are all okay!

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  5. Kate, resilience and adaptability, character traits valuable for survival amidst the chaos. Wonderful topic and well-executed poem! Comes just at the time when even the fully vaccinated are being advised to remask. As my mother used to say, “Roll with the punches!” 🙂

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