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Verve S1E2

Pete was an interesting character born and bred locally but lived well out of town. Retired PI Jade had had previous dealings with him and loved this delightful warm character.  

She had met him locally hitching about as young adults. Then again later on when a dear friend had asked her help just as Pete was starting university as a matured aged student. Apparently he would regale any who’d listen that he had murdered many; he could list off names, dates and was very specific about where he had buried them in the local forest.

People reacted strongly – some thought he was totally whacko and others became quite fearful. If he could boast about it, what would he do next? His partner pleaded for PI Jade’s assistance.

She strongly advised them to talk to the police immediately; if it was true they would need details, and if it was sheer fantasy then it would be cleared up swiftly. Pete was so convincing, that the police swung into action digging a few of the sites where he claimed he had disposed of bodies. Meanwhile their office staff checked the names and dates he’d given.

village view

Once Pete’s parents knew what all the fuss in the forest was about they rushed to the police station to clarify. Seems that he had been diagnosed in his mid-teens and his parents had never told him, afraid the ‘label’ might hold him back. They used to crush his meds and mix them into his food. Once he left home they’d been concerned but they thought he was managing well without his meds.

The police took it well considering their hope to nail a mass murderer. Pete on the other hand researched his diagnosis thoroughly, got his own doctor and took full responsibility for his own medication.

Long story short he completed his studies with honours, tutored, then completed his PhD and became a professor. Who’d have guessed they’d end up in the same retirement village. He hadn’t shared his interesting history with his inmates … they would have to work than one out or ask him the right questions.

Pete had never married or had children, was this because of his health issues. Retired PI Jade smiled as Pete kept his distance knowing that Jade knew too much about him. It was a past he preferred stay buried …

Any resemblance to real life people or situations is pure imagination, but the names have been changed to protect the author from legal action.

These characters will be woven in and around the series, other chapters are written but will be revealed in due time. Villains S1E1


  1. OOOH! I am SO enjoying this! Your writing, story line, and characters hooked me in! It plays like a movie in my head…which means it’s great writing to me!
    More, please…when you are ready to reveal!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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