energy #love

Love is a pure energy
which radiates or oozes out
those open and exploring
soak it in through their pores

those with ingrained unhealthy habits
like jealous, envy, greed and anger
tend to blindly erect a barrier
insecure and scared to let anything in

this energy dwells deep within us
something the Beatles sort
when they found wealth and fame
left them unsatisfied, hollow within

they learnt to meditate in India
where joyful bliss opened their hearts
and increased their profound creativity
may many follow their wise move!

inspired by Paul Saltzman’s “Meeting the Beatles in India” which I reviewed


  1. We all find out eventually that there is more to fulfillment than material things… The fortunate among us discover an inner life and that wellspring of hope, love, and charity. It is with those that we can find happiness and contentment!

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  2. How wonderful that the documentary inspired this amazing poem! This is so inspiring, SweetKate!
    Yes, we hope many learn this lesson young…that love, compassion, good deeds, sharing, ETC., make our hearts open and grow! Which brings us joy, peace, contentment, ETC. These things do not come from money or fame. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…Thanks for the link! I have some Beatles fans in my family so we will enjoy watching this! 🙂

    OH…another PS…HA…wanted to say I love that boat’s name! 🙂 I always enjoyed going to the marinas and reading the names on the boats. 🙂

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  3. oh, wow thanks for the Beatles documentary info Kate I will watch that, as they are my dad’s favorite band of all time… and yes, love balances everything in our life… thank you for this beautiful poem Kate..

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    • the more people have the more disturbed they seem … needing more, concerned about protecting their goodies … its a nasty cycle that leaves them very miserable and unsatisfied!

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