transforming #healing #rhyme

when life becomes a challenge
that seems a bit too much
take a deep breath
get out of my head
find healthier distractions

reconfigure the furniture
add some brighter personal touches
get back to that list of favourites
music, movies, books or friends
phone one or two, get another’s view

try to exercise some more
learn new hobbies galore
reach out to those I adore
try to help another I implore
for all these can trigger endorphins

to lift me up from the dregs
they can turn that downward spiral
into constructive creativity instead
paint read listen clean or compose
find a cathartic endeavour to uplift

life is far too short
to allow myself to be caught
in a negative frame of mind
for an unhealthy length of time
I can rise above this slime!

no point saying ‘I’m too tired’
turning this around is desired
and a little effort is required
as it rests with me to get inspired
transformation is to be admired!

lay off the meds and gin
connect with like-kin
sing an uplifting hymn
let the light shine right in
don’t let darkness win!

dedicated to all those struggling, may all find peace and well-being by being brave enough to reach out!


  1. Good morning Kate .. and wonderfully positive poem, I adored every stanza, and especially liked this one …
    “life is far too short
    to allow myself to be caught
    in a negative frame of mind
    for an unhealthy length of time
    I can rise above this slime!”

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  2. Such a beautiful poem filled to the brim with clarity, positive direction and inspiration 💛 reminds me of the Shaman’s teaching how they connect to the earth, sky, air, trees and talk to them when stressed – that’s the medicine to turn to.

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  3. Reblogged this on Blog of Hammad Rais and commented:
    We all need a break!

    From all of that which is making us running around in circles.
    Though there might be some meaning to it, in one way or another, but if you at it in a longer run, there’s nothing but tiredness and fatigue.

    Which makes us long for something afresh, completely new.
    Or may be something old, which we hadn’t touched in a long time.
    To ensure mind and soul’s integrity, for our own betterment.

    Kate has penned a lovely piece about personal transformation, which certainly clicked my heart in an instant.

    Do read it out!

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