clarity #rhyme

I am not my thoughts
because they can be jumbled
full of pain shame or fear

when I stop a while I
let them float
drifting past like clouds

in that stillness
I am one
united with all creation

at peace
at ease

completely free
of dis ease
effervescent ethereal

feeling infused
with loving kindness
for all and beyond

never separate
or alone
for we are one

this sacred space
is eternal grace
without trace

for there is no pace
in this home base
as I erase

all fears desires
and expectations
to know that I am

more than enough
to share and care

join me if you dare!

last nights ‘red’ moon during the eclipse, amazing!

© 2021 poem and photo Copyrighted

I totally enjoyed my absence from here so not sure how long I’ll stay. With lockdown over in my region life is getting busy.

your meaningful comment is much appreciated
trite ones will automatically delete


  1. I love your opening: “I am not my thoughts for they can be jumbled”. I had to stop and ponder on the truth of that statement for a few minutes. Thank you. Meditation is good for soul.
    You did well with your photograph of the moon. I took one too but won’t post it – too many other lovely ones, like yours.

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  2. Lovely poem!!! I hope all that sunny light you spill out into the world follows you wherever you go. There is a universe within our souls, stars that twinkle, love that grows. When we look out from there, we see the world full of magical things…the moon hung in the sky just so, a sea that sparkles, and fish that jump for joy. So much ‘out there’ when we are looking, when our hearts are open, when we allow the stars inside to shine.

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  3. Much truth in these short lines! The dis ease is a disease of the mind for sure and certain! I’ve been cleaning and organizing and that seems to be a form of meditation for me. Removing clutter around me gives my spirit a sense of peace. Perhaps that calm I have been searching for is not in sitting still but in moving – is there such a thing as active meditation??

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    • active meditation, usually walking, is widely used! I often say for some it’s cleaning out cupboards, gardening or exercise … we all find our own rhythm 🙂

      So glad you’ve found your Val!


  4. Your words on Clarity are perfectly timed Kate as we, once again, go into lockdown. Staying in my space, not entering into the game being played out but meditating on what’s important. Stay well, happy and at peace my friend 😊

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  5. I needed to hear these words Kate, as I need that calm space myself and need to remember to go there, no matter what else I have going on in my life. The blood moon looks spectacular!

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  6. Thoughts as clouds passing through a clear sky – this was a powerful analogy that I connected to during my very young years of cultivation. It is also so powerful to identify the feelings of shame, fear etc as separate from us – quite a journey to be able to do that! Your poem is so easy beautiful to read yet so very deeply meaningful. I love the conclusion – join me if you can dare – it does take quite a courage to live this!

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    • indeed, we spend so much time and money looking after our outer appearance whilst neglecting our inner well of wisdom … hoping people will catch on and use their lockdowns to full advantage 🙂

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  7. YAY, here you are! I missed you! A LOT!
    But, I am so glad you’ve had a good time away! 🙂
    Keep livin’ your life to the fullest! 🙂

    Your poem is so amazing and powerful! It hits the spot! 🙂 And you are so right…we must let go of the negative thoughts, not dwell on them…erase them…REPLACE them! (with good, wonderful, inspiring, encouraging thoughts! 🙂 )

    The red moon is always an honor to see!
    I see the moon on my late night/or early morn walks. Last night I thought of this poem of yours and smiled! 🙂 I even said aloud “I am more than enough”. I’m pretty sure I saw “The Man in the Moon” nod! 😉

    (((HUGS))) and ❤ !!! 🙂

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  8. Love the poem. I hope you will stay a while here. I enjoyed the many comments and connections with bloggers of all sorts. I also hope you are able to enjoy life back in “open”, unrestricted by lockdowns. Live to the fullest!

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  9. A timely, beautiful poem, Kate. When I meditate, I treat my thoughts as clouds. Exceptionally moving, hopeful and filled with eternity. To me, it looks like the separation for dis ease is intentional. Wonderful words to carry with me as we head off on another off the grid, camping trip. Thank you! xo

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