hiya, back again
you’re all sso friendly

an I forgot to introduce myself
I’m Jazann, a teen sprite

we watch you guys [human beans]
an you’re really hilarious

if only you could see yourselves
scared of this and that

fighting with each other
instead of being loyal mates

destroying your own world
worrying and wandering

if only you could see me
you would learn so much

we might have fun
as it’s all part of learning

of growing up
we never mean no one any harm

but geeze you guys can get real nasty
couldn’t happen here

coz others would just
beeswax ya

bees waxing is painful for a sprite
coz their honey just weighs us down

slows us down
to prevent our clownin around!

part 3 in my sprite series

d’Verse, OLN, Linda

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