yesterday striding home
from the supermarket
I wondered at all the shades
of grey and blue we use

houses and furnishings
sheets, clothing, shoes
designed by those depressed
why don’t we paint our world

in bright Caribbean hues
to chase away our blues
vivid contrasting colours
warm vibrant and inspiring

this is such an easy way
to ignite a brighter day
so what do you say

let’s leave blue and grey

decorate and wear your
favourite vivid colours
leave the dowdy to others
splash our world with colour!

d’Verse, blue, Sarah

please let me know how the closure of my comments impacts you … yes or no?


  1. It really is up to you. And how much time you have.

    About color. I was watching a home town renovation show. One of the projects on a main street was to provide paint for the homeowner to choose to just paint their front door something different to liven up the street. And every one on that street came out to paint there doors and feel a part of the revitalization of the community.

    The renovation show picked one town out of thousand of entries and redid ten of the most important homes and community buildings. If you can stream the Disney Plus Channel Or HGTV I think you’ll be able to find the shows I was Talking about… Maybe I can find a link;


  2. That is a beautiful bird and the words go well with it…. I should be more colourful maybe?

    I noticed your closed comments, I miss our chats 🙂

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  3. Yes we need to splash our earth and environment with vibrant and delightful colors of fun and frolic instead go in for dull and grey colors that pull us down. Lovely and profound poem Kate and the little bird is so cute.

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  4. I’m wearing some very colorful leggings today… I enjoy bright and cheerful colors and patterns. As for comments, I like leaving them. I respond to all comments I get, but have several blogs where they rarely or never respond to my comments and I’m okay with that too. Sometimes a like is as good as a comment…

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  5. I used to work in fashion. And bright colors always sold well in the southern states where there is more sun. It seems we dress to reflect our environment. Although blue is always the best selling color of all. I myself feel uncomfortable in bright colors as I never wish to be noticed. But I do like splashes of it in my home. (K)

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  6. Wonderful poem, SweetKate! Oh, that birdie is gorgeous!
    YAY for colors!
    ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜
    I loves them all…but some more than others! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…I like leaving comments for you, but I do understand if your comment section is closed.
    Please do what is best for you! We will continue to read and leave a ⭐️ “like” so you know we stopped by and we read! 🙂

    Yes, everyone DOES need fun and positive encouragements and distractions. So as you are able please keep posting. YOU know how to encourage and uplift so VERY well! 🙂 We need you here! 🙂

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  7. ‘Vibrancy’ is such an expressive work, Kate, and something we have needed so badly over the past year. The idea of painting our world in ‘bright Caribbean hues to chase away our blues’ is the best. There is an island in the Venetian lagoon called Burano where all the houses are painted in bright colours, to help fishermen find their way home through fog and mist. Saying that, I’m not a fan of wearing bright colours – if I’d been born more recently, I would have been a Goth!

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  8. Blue happens to be my favorite color so it has a different meaning for me. Grey reminds me of intelligence. But both are much better when highlighted with other colors. I’m a big fan of yellow and grey or orange and blue. Of course, red goes with anything as that lovely birdie shows.

    As for comments – I like commenting but I do reserve it for those pieces that really speak to me! So my vote is to keep the comments! Hope you’re doing well…I miss our little group….

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  9. Hope you are “in the pink” and not feeling “blue,” Kate! Love your photo of the colorful bird. I am a big fan of colors! My closet is full of turquoise, hot pink, red, and black. Brown, tan, and beige…not so much! 🙂

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  10. Very nice Cate. That outfit looks like something they wore on the Grand Ole Opry years ago!!
    Great poem.
    You might want to check your post. Your poem did not come up when I clicked on you name. I had to click on recients to get it.

    I like to leave a comment!

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  11. Hues all kind have their own merit and place in the world, but we need to definitely bring darker and neutral hues out to play and partner with more vibrant tones of color…like the night sky dark…but it dances with the Stars and light of the moon and we have an utterly magical contrast. ❤️✨🌔✨❤️

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  12. Lovely beautiful poem! I like to observe the characteristic of different cities for this same reason – some are so vibrant in color, others so bland and some new developments so much in cookie cutter likeness.

    Reading this from you brought to my notice that I have too much black and grey in my wardrobe and I tend to reach for them the most, unknowingly saving bright colors for ‘other’ times. I definitely want to change that!

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