Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Hearts,

Wishing you good health, grateful children and a few moments peace!  Your tireless giving inspires … may I one day be like you!

Would ask you to please play this video at full volume and demand that all present get up to bop and twerp along, promise you will be giggling! It’s Andre Rieu at his best

My prayers and thoughts are with all during this pandemic, especially our family in India and Nepal!

This one was posted about a month ago during retreat, sorry if you’ve read it

my prayer
may our hearts always be free
from darkness and depression
from fear and fatigue

may our hearts
glide on the drafts like an eagle
sparkle with the sun and stars

may they sprinkle
love and laughter
hope and healing

may they provide all we need
shelter clothing and feed
respect acceptance inclusion

may they embrace
the lost and lonely
and every living being

much love, thanks and care, please be safe!

NB especially Sadje, Ingrid, Pragalbha, Cheryl, Wendi, Elizabeth … all you loving mothers doing your utmost to raise little ones!

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