Friday Fun – paddling

Do you paddle against the tide
ease off and go with the flow

any memories of getting a paddling – we got caned

share your adventures and memories of paddling
then link it back here and read a few others!

Joybell looking confident before a coffee rock ditched her
… love the tranquility of Black Rock in BNP


  1. I remember a buddy a d workmate wanted to take a canoe down a local river – the Licking River in Newark, Ohio. He brought the canoe. I brought food and drinks to the start point. We put the canoe in the water and off we went.

    We spent the day getting sun burned, enjoying the river, and just having fun. We got out in the shallow areas and bow fished; we found a quiet place to stop for lunch and relaxed away from life.

    We were 10 yesrs old again without a care in the world. The best thing is me and Jonsey have been friends for 55 years.

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  2. The photo is lovely! So tranquil!
    We’ve paddled small 4 person boats, canoes, and in paddle/pedal “boats”, etc.! ALL fun! 🙂
    In life we have to keep paddling…if we don’t paddle our own “canoe” we don’t move! 😉 😀
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…I’m reminded of a fave quote:
    “Even though you and I are in different boats, you in your boat and we our canoe, we share the same river of life. What befalls me befalls you. And downstream our children will pay for our selfishness, for our greed, and for our lack of vision.” – Oren Lyons


  3. I have only paddled once on a lake with Janine and a child. I had never paddled and we are just circling on the lake. I still managed to get back to shore! .
    Love ❤

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