my daughter is very delicate
fragile, sensitive, defeated
yet daily I dip into
my heart’s desire for dreams

to detail her daring escape

defeating delicate decline

to ride a unicorn over the fields
flying free without a care
leaving behind her insipid decline
oh my, how can I get her there
with great skill, a bribe, devotion!

#12. Use these words in a poem: delicate, daughter, detail, defeated, daily, dip + puente


  1. Interesting form but very challenging ideas. I feel for you and it is so hard to watch your own child deal with health problems. My younger one has a chronic illness and we go round in circles with the consultants which makes it more depressing. Hope you can both get the support needed.

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    • just watched your TED Talk … he is ‘selling’ what I’ve been doing for decades, works for me but he is a handsome smart white male who neglects to mention the eastern philosophies where all this originates from! Makes it sound like he and scientists have just discovered it a few thousand years later …


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