The past often feels like another life full of travel and adventures. Socialising on bush walks, in cafes, outgoing and always friendly. I have no great expectations of the future as death lurks closely!

The sun rises gently peering around a few low lying clouds. The tide swiftly flows in bringing the rhythmic shout as the dragon boats train. The garbage truck is stopping and starting. The birds noticeably absent. Ensconced cosily in my forever home, the sacred space to meditate …

life and river flow

fleeing like my moments

my cycle ebbing


d’Verse, ‘now’ haibun, Frank

PS Not dying at this stage but knowing that ‘death’ lurks near ensures I get my priorities straight!


  1. My favorite line is about the garbage truck starting and stopping. I don’t know if you meant it this way, but it’s like a euphemism for the ebb and flow of sh!t that seems to happen every day regarding what we can/can’t do and how bad the pandemic is. Your imagery is on point!

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  2. During these past, long months, there have been moments when I could feel the ebb and flow of life backed up. Much like a creek turned into a pond by a enterprising beaver, I look forward to life’s freedom to truly flow.

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  3. This was a quiet, soothing, contemplative read that took me deep …ever so lightly and gently. I did notice you mention of death lurking and sensed exactly what you explained in the note at the end. I love these reminders of how precious life is, coming my way time and again. Much Love my friend.

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  4. Ebb is such a perfect title. There’s a hint of depression in your words, the same we all try to resist after the long cessation of our normal lives.

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    • they’ve always been straight thanks David! Australia, started for women recovering from breast cancer but has really grown. So they race off starting from the bouys out front, I’m right there!

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  5. I’m pleased you’re not dying at this stage. You had me worried. From the moment of birth (or conception) we’re all heading in that same direction. The more miles we walk, the further the tide goes out.

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  6. Beautiful photo and your words paint a picture to go along with it…the ebb and flow of life. We are always moving are we not? Sometimes, things seem more stagnant, but then the flow picks up again, moving us along. I always think we must stay open to the currents, face the sea before us, believe that the best is yet to come. 🙂

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  7. A wonderful Haibun, Kate and today at this juncture we have to be positive and let everything be the way it is. Prayers and being kind to one and all is what is so required. Best is to leave everything to our God and He knows what he is doing.

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