expendable #quadrille

my governments lack of comprehension
let alone any effective action
bothers the heck out of me

their response is simple distraction
unable to hear or respond, they tritely
announce a new ‘mad max’ film

‘rape’ and ‘consent’ seemingly irrelevant
despite their having young daughters?

d’Verse, 44 words on ‘bother’, De Jackson

this longer poem proclaims it a bit louder .. bother!


it’s confirmed
Everyone over fifty knows without doubt that they are expendable
as scomo demands they get vaccinated immediately!

but we’ll protect our under fifties
astraclotius far too dangerous
can’t risk giving it to them!

but as we brought a large dubious batch
let’s kill off those that escaped covid
Really PM?

Took the focus off odious rapes and bodily fluids
on parliamentary desks
perpetrators unscathed by legal repercussions

trivialise ‘consent’ with pizzas and milkshakes
why bother mentioning spiked drinks
women as expendable as our elders …

sexual harassment commonly acceptable 
in our legal, NO justice, system at every level
don’t you have daughters scomo?

sorry but the online headlines were just too much …



  1. I enjoyed your Chai poem! Great job with the prompt! I love chai and basketball! 🙂
    The comments were close-ed so I want to leave a comment here.
    SUPER busy and stressful day for me…very late now, but I’m finally getting around to some commenting here. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. When we have good hands, we need to help another who is moving. Empathy is important.
    I like your poem, so important to all of us,

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  3. I don’t know the specific issue you’re speaking to, but I sure agree with the sentiment. Sexual abuse and harassment is never okay. I read such a disturbing post by one of my blogging friends from India yesterday…she wrote about a man who stabbed his wife to death on the streets of Dehli, and not one of the many people who witnessed it lifted a finger to help her.

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  4. Well said. It’s sad how everything is being handled. This crisis’s shown that our leaders – worldwide – have absolutely zero empathy for their citizens and what’s best for them.

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  5. It sounds like a woeful state of affairs. When we lived in Spain there was a case of a gang rape where the rapists weren’t convicted. And they say this is the 21st century.

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  6. kaykuala

    Pity governments these days are saddled with lots of diversions that other serious matters that don’t affect them directly are considered trivial! This is a strong response Kate, rightly so!


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  7. Sometimes you just want to cry out “Who’s in charge here?” and then you realize it’s just chaos but that just makes the frustration all the more real. Things need fixin’ , and fast.

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  8. Gah! And I thought “the orange turd” and his misogynism hadn’t infected any other leaders… It is worse than the coronavirus! Calling out misdeeds is necessary for truth to survive and effective government to exist.

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