true love

True Love is
unconditional universal and inclusive

True Love is NEVER
owning controlling or coercive

True Love is acceptance supportive and authentic

True Love is not manipulation conning game playing

many relationships are not True Love
but they can grow into that
with companionship care loyalty and trust

some are born trusting and loving
others knowing that use those traits

are you an innocent lover who readily gives away your power
or a manipulative user who cunningly abuses the vulnerable

does your friend drain you
or revitalise and nurture

when we believe that our love
can cure all their ills and woes
we are only fooling ourselves

people have to want to change
to know and heal themselves
nobody else can do that for them!

this fulfills the requirements for NPM21 prompt #1 – love!

d’Verse, OLN, Sanaa