my prayer
may our hearts always be free
from darkness and depression
from fear and fatigue

may our hearts
glide on the drafts like an eagle
sparkle with the sun and stars

may they sprinkle
love and laughter
hope and healing

may they provide all we need
shelter clothing and feed
respect acceptance inclusion

may they embrace
the lost and lonely
and every living being

dear hearts, totally appreciate you all respecting my retreat space, what a blessing!
now have the right conditions to do x 4 each year … 


    • Not finished yet…the furniture movers are coming next week. The new place is clean and a lot of the boxes that were in storage are unpacked. My daughters helped me move some small things, but I still have stuff to pack as well. Almost there!

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  1. Refreshing and vibrant Kate my dear, I can feel your rejuvenation in your lovely post! 😊 ❤️

    Your beautiful photo made me want to try to capture more shots of nature when I’m out and about.😊

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  2. A beautiful poem about solidarity with those who cannot cope with themselves and the situation that has arisen. A poem full of love for people and their needs.

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