riding my bike is real neat
riding my bike keeps me fit
as the peddle goes down
the wheels go round

makes my heart pump
might reduce my rump
the legs get a work out
aids my health no doubt

no stationary fake bike
out in nature like a hike
lungs full of fresh air
cycling without a care

watch the trees fly by
feel like I’m one with the sky
soaking up nature it’s free
this is where I’d rather be

feeling the air rush by
cycling with freedom I fly
riding my bike keeps me fit
riding my bike is real neat

d’Verse, circular, Peter

NB WP has stolen ‘classic editor’ …. thanks Carolyn, you saved me!  net pic



  1. “Come on Michael
    Let’s go cycle.
    Let’s, together take a ride”
    He said, “Us? Together?
    Have you seen the weather?
    I’d rather go and hide.”

    I said, “Come on, Mike
    Just grab your bike
    And bring a friend along
    You, he and me-oo
    Will be a trio
    We’ll sing a little song.”

    “Buddy I can’t hold a note
    So here’s my thinking. Here’s my vote
    Let’s take a little walk
    I’ve friends, that’s true
    But none like you
    I’d rather sit and talk.”

    And so we did
    From weather hid
    Beneath a cloudy sky
    For exercise
    We used our eyes
    And watched the world go by

    And when we chatted
    Nothing mattered
    More than being with each other
    Each other’s sun
    We are as one
    For Michael is my brother.

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  2. Kate, your words deeply resonated with me! Recently, I’ve taken up bicycling again after years and every time I go for a ride, my lungs fill with fresh air and imagine myself breeze through! It’s a beautiful feeling✨🚴‍♂️

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  3. You took me right with you on this bike, Kate. Fresh air, heart pumping, soaking up nature…..what’s not to love. 🙂You have inspired me to pump up my tires and get going this weekend.🙂

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  4. I still have my bike that was a birthday gift when I turned 12. It still works – put on new tires in 2019 but then the pandemic… Sparky is all about biking but I’m not so enthusiastic to go long distances… Tooling around the neighborhood is about as far ranging as I want to go. There are bike lanes throughout the city, but even with the bike lanes I find the city drivers unnerving!

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