bartenders are pretty hot
for they give us the plot
to write a lot of rot

giving prompts our best shot
so why tie myself in a knot
get creative and give it all I got

no need to feel put on the spot

d’Verse, knot x 44 words, Mish


  1. Good morning Kate… I don’t do too many writing prompts, I seem to have enough to write about … or .. is my world becoming bigger as my mind is growing older, my eye-sight is aged, but my eyes are open wider, and appreciating the small events around me that matter…


    • I also don’t drink and they seem to be non-discriminating! I should add that d’Verse is called a pub and the ‘bartenders’ are the hosts who supply our poetry prompts. The only bar I’m comfortable in 🙂

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  2. No need, indeed! 😉

    Through your poems we win the jackpot
    They give us many a good tho’t
    They’re always a super high-spot
    And of course we love them a lot! 😀

    (((HUGS))) and LOVE the photo!!!

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  3. A barman said to me one night
    “Your mother is a whore!”
    But my mother’s a librarian
    She’s something of a bore
    It must have been somebody else
    Another mother that he saw
    And yet I was offended
    So I don’t drink there no-more.

    44 words and hardly any of them rude!

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