this being human is an amazing privilege
I have the ability to read write and blog
I have good health and sufficient resources
security, safety, shelter, friends and no wars

I am not lost, an animal nor an alien
I can think and speak for myself
rail against injustice without fear for my life
the choice to waste my life or find my purpose

I have nothing to prove, I can just be me
freedom to choose my beliefs and priorities
live by my core values, treat others kindly
disciplined to avoid wanton desires or cravings

the ability to tame my mind, let life unwind
sure I’d like to do so much more for others
often blocked by damage, wary or burden
I can only help those open and able to trust

I can work, volunteer, exercise and learn
privileges so many other humans don’t have
power, consumerism and waste leave me cold
so long as I have enough to pay my bills …

some are real poor, in resources and spirit
but doubt that I could ask for much more
travelled, lived abroad, followed my dreams
learned to grow from my trials and hardships

being human opens me to so many possibilities
to share and care, to listen and live my life
to the fullest extent, to be true to myself
Do you utilize this blessing or waste it?

d’Verse, “this being human is …”, Kim


  1. The privileges we take so for granted are celebrated, Kate. I share your perspective, and I’m grateful daily for the gift of life.

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  2. A beautiful affirmation for this gift of life and a new day each day that we can create with our service towards others or our own inner cultivation. A sense of deep gratitude permeates your post and it lifts me up to choose better.

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  3. Being human does indeed open us up to possibilities which wait to be embarked upon…. may we seize them .. and prove to be compassionate along the way! 💝💝

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  4. Oh, SweetKate! This brought the joy-tears! 🙂
    YES, we are so fortunate to have all of those things you shared and more!
    Each new day is a chance to utilize our blessings AND to bless others!
    Please know that you, your life, and your words are meaningful to me! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  5. To make a difference is my goal. I often fall short but I keep trying. This week I will join a friend and we are going to help an older woman who needs to have her home cleaned – she is so ashamed that she can’t do it herself but we are going to help her out.

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  6. You call it a privilege
    I call it a curse
    This consciousness, this being here
    Is getting so much worse
    I’m getting all these feelings
    I’m stuck in all this thought
    Knowing all along
    That it all amounts to nought
    I’d rather be a piece of fruit
    I’d rather be a rock
    I’d rather be a pair of gloves
    I’d rather be a sock
    I won’t be coming back here
    If I’m offered life again
    I’d rather be the words I write
    Than the dude who holds the pen

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  7. Kate, It is a mistake to take our wonderful rights and liberties for granted. It has been demonstrated in the US in the previous administration how fragile our rights really are. We have a saying, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Maybe we will be bearing that saying in mind for a while.

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  8. A poem full of gratitude.

    ‘power, consumerism and waste leave me cold
    so long as I have enough to pay my bills’

    Thank you for saying this. So many people ruin their lives by always wanting more and thinking about what they don’t have rather than what they have.

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  9. Your title does what it says – it’s meaningful, Kate – and your poem is a an honest tribute to the meaning of life, a privilege indeed. We have so many things that make our lives meaningful, all of which you list in your poem, and nothing important to complain about. And those who have good reason to complain never do. Your poem has made me realise how fortunate I am.

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  10. I love how grateful this poem is, Kate. And this was my favorite stanza, for sure:

    I have nothing to prove, I can just be me
    freedom to choose my beliefs and priorities
    live by my core values, treat others kindly
    disciplined to avoid wanton desires or cravings


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  11. I also think it’s a privilege, along with a challenge to be the best human BEING that we can BE. I’ m so grateful that we can write about what it means to be human, in prose and poetry, which is also a sublime privilege. xo

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  12. A wonderful poem and a great reminder that we are among the blessed ones and we should use this opportunity to help others. You are a great example to follow Kate.

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  13. Each day is a gift, that’s why it is called the present…

    We can only hope that the many who have (at least something) will come to the aid of those who have much, much less.


  14. What a beautiful challenge to us all Kate! Masterfully expressed. I still have all those essences cradled near my soul — they have just been severely dented by life… but the realizations linger. May you never loose your crisp perspective. So well written my friend!

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  15. I am grateful for the gift of life always.. and for that i learn to share my life, my stories, my dreams and my hopes to others; with the hope that i will be able to inspire them in one way or the other

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