gaslighted, browbeaten
circumstantial contributors
dispariate of our own worth
appeasing then returning for more

desperate to believe our love will change them
bargaining to love more and heal
yet their violations reveal
that these are all illusions

our fantasy of how love should be
has absolutely no basis in reality
never able to meet our needs
words never match their deeds

where there is no respect or loyalty
they feed off power and control
yet we will sacrifice our soul
fearful yet loyal lying for them

deny or diminish their abuse
no wish to ever be a victim
ashamed to own our mistake
of mating with a damaged flake!

inspired by a documentary on DV, domestic family violence
in support of all those who protested today in the March 4 Justice
and dedicated to all who have suffered!


  1. ‘desperate to believe our love will change them
    bargaining to love more and heal’
    So true. Assuming love will change them, it never does. A thought provoking poem. A topic people hesitate to talk about.

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  2. This is so important, SweetKate! Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us!
    Such powerful truth about such a sad ongoing tragedy in the human race.
    We ALL need to be teaching (and positive-role-modeling)…letting the children of our world know that true love does not abuse.
    A fav quote I saw years ago…
    “A woman should never invest in a relationship she wouldn’t want for her daughter, nor allow any man to treat her in a way she would scold her son for.”

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  3. Timely and true. As a woman, I have been fortunate to have never experienced domestic violence. But I’m in the minority. You have pointed out the grand deception that many women tell themselves – if I love more he will change, if I love better he will love me, if I persist in love he will become lovable… and then it is too late.


  4. It is a sad reality for those who wait on Love being the answer, and are unable to set boundaries that would actually bring the possible healing. I admire your strong powerful voice that brings this awareness.

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    • much appreciated, we had a big protest here yesterday and our charming PM told the victims they were lucky to dodge a bullet … they felt violated for a second time!


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