I dream of a swift
resolve of this pandemic
I dream that women
might be treated equitably
I dream that individuals
lessen their carbon footprints
I dream that these all happen swiftly
without delay, almost instantly

swift action is required
for we’ve talked enough!

d’Verse, Swift x 44 words, Sarah + one about the birds “Top Guns”


    • it frustrates me so much Lisa, so sincerely appreciate your honesty … so many are ‘waiting’ for our govt to fix it; or go blah blah with no action …
      it’s time now to step up!

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      • The US Congress is pretty much split 50/50 with Democrats having a slight edge. Last time we had it, with Obama, the Dems were too afraid to do anything. I think under Biden we are going to see big positive change. That said, at the state level our Dem governor is having a hell of a time getting anything done with the Republican dominated state congress. I think our military needs to be re-purposed — to focus on sustainable energy development. How many scientist does it take saying we need alternatives to fossil fuels?????

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  1. You’ve got this right, Kate. I’m in full agreement. Sadly, I’ve been saying the same thing for about half a century now. But I won’t ever let myself think that nobody’s listening. Imagine.

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  2. Yes! Action is needed on a global, national, state, city, and personal level! I’m happy to say that we didn’t have enough trash to even haul it to the curb this week. Ditto for the recycling too – we just didn’t have enough. That is mostly because I’ve been doing my best to buy stuff with minimal packaging… We are trying to figure out if we can compost (the neighborhood has rules and I don’t think we have a spot that would go undetected) …

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  3. In matters of equality
    We need better distribution
    Our footprint’s getting bigger
    That’s just part of evolution
    Too many of us here
    We all know the solution
    Maybe all us oldies
    Should volunteer for execution
    But I hope you’re not expecting
    Any swift resolution

    Terrible rhythm, but 44 words!

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    • Nah. I’m feeling good but uninspired. Old. Decrepit. Nicely tired.
      Mrs Richmond and I are having a drink at the Pacific Hotel in Yamba. Not that very far from you.


  4. One of the basic problems is that there are solutions, but not enough of the correct ears are listening.
    May we all strive to help each other and listen, and then act.


  5. Simon and Garfunkel had ‘the strangest dream’ that the world had put an end to war. Since then things have got worse. I call that a pipe dream. Sorry to sound so cynical. That’s what happens as you get older. We have no control over what others do. I think it’s time for each individual to take responsibility for his or her actions. It’s been my responsibility to raise my children and be an influence for good on their values. And I’m glad to say that I’ve watched them do the same for their children.
    I find it ironic that many people who talk about the need to rid ourselves of carbon footprints drive cars, wear leather shoes and are excited about the thought of getting back on a plane soon.
    It’s determined and constant action by individuals that’s needed.


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