Friday Fun – streaks

streaks come in many forms … clouds, hair, naked run,
so cut loose and have some fun
keep it family friendly but streak away …

photography, poetry, creative writing
post your streak and link back here!


  1. You are creative when you can see the beauty of streaks in different forms. In addition, the pink sunset with streaks delights. Best regards

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  2. So many fun and interesting streaks in our world!
    Love your beautiful cloud-streakin’ photo!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS… “Lightning streaks like fire through the clouds, volleys of thunder shake the air.” – Edward Abbey

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  3. Dare, double dare
    Round the track and back
    No underware
    Joyous shouts
    Pride restored
    Oops police, no way out

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  4. There’s a song I’ve heard you might enjoy looking up:
    ‘The Streak’ by Ray Stevens.

    I do enjoy the pink streaks of a good sunrise or sunset 🙂

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