is it really easier to hate than get to know
it comes from deep fear of the unknown

“Where are you from …”
but I was born here

“You all look the same
I can’t tell the difference”
vast mental blocks ignore facial details

what is an Aussie?
not our First Nation people
not our eighth generation Chinese
only the original boat people,
the anglo saxons ….

racially fuelled violence is uncalled for
but invisibility also cuts deep
stereo-type expectations bite
leaves a sense of dis ease, being alone
tracked around the shop …

if looks could kill they’d all be dead!
deemed contagious in public
BS and bigotry

those on the fringe
are frequently subjected to a sharp edge
it’s not of their doing
nor their wish
we the entitled majority
mindlessly cut them constantly
with our thoughtless arrogant attitude

d’Verse, edge n fringe, Lisa #edge/fringe

compelled by comedian Harley Breen who did a series inviting four people away for a week to get to know them and then did a stand-up comedy routine with his four new friends in the front row of his audience … his sensitivity and insights allowed them to open!  This poem arises from his session on ‘racism’.  Those on terminal illness [ppl in their 20-30’s], mental illness and physical challenges are amazing.  Please watch them on channel ten with an open heart ….


  1. The discrimination according to so many categories created. For what? And really does it matter where people are from unless they happily tell you. Are we all not humans. Living in the same planet.
    A powerful poem. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  2. There’s a lot of intolerance, prejudice and discrimination these days. And Kate, this is a very bold write up with a powerful message! More power to you, my friend✨

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  3. Kate your beautifully written poem shines a light on the darkness of racism and all the other ugly prejudices that plague us. This seems to be a problem everywhere. I still believe that we can be better than this! ❤ What does it take to make us overcome tribalism and adopt more enlightened views?

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  4. the edge… is a piece of my wedge
    the fringe… is close to my thing
    I live on a parallel horizon for 35 years…


  5. I actually find it really frustrating not to be able to ask “where you from?” for fear of being seen as racist. I work in a really multicultural group including people from Ukraine, Iran, Bosnia, Pakistan, China… I like to hear about where people are from, whether it’s from somewhere else in Australia, or O/S.

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  6. ‘is it really easier to hate than get to know’ how true. The reason for so many of society’s ills. We hate what we fear and we only lose fear through facing it. Why are so many afraid of the outsider? I’ve never understood that. A threat to their single-minded way of life, I suppose.

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    • I just think many are so arrogant they need to spit on someone … easier if it’s those immediately seen as ‘different’ … so cruel 😦

      hatred is a sure sign of insecurity …

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  7. Powerful and poignant, SweetKate. A read for the world.
    Sad that such things still happen around our world. 😦
    I have some family members who are Mexican, African, African-American, Asian, etc. They all have such stories to tell. 😦

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      • I’ve missed you and so much for a while too. As for me, well, I’m working on it. I think I might rely on something fairly simple, likely for mid-month to re-start. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write a little more regularly soon. Huge hugs for you.

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  8. So true and yet so sad. Here we’ve seen the racism that had simmered finally erupt. It is ugly and needs to be eliminated. Sadly our last president did everything he could to foster division and foment violence… I’m hoping we can heal and learn from the events of 2020!!

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  9. Kate, you’ve constructed a powerful political statement with your poem that shines light on those living in the fringe. What’s the name of that show and do you think it’s on youtube? I agree with you that fear seems to be at the base of so much, but so much harm is manifested upon others because of it 😦

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