Friday Fun – ambiance

ambiance or atmosphere can cover many things
it challenges our creativity to set the mood

get creative and share your version of ambiance
with your photos or creative writing

link it back here and check out the others!


  1. Gorgeous scene in your photo!
    ‘Tis wonderful when the ambience is so tranquil and brings on the contented happy SIGHS. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS… “Let’s get loose with compassion. Let’s drown in the delicious ambience of love.” – Hafez

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  2. Here’s a sneak preview Kate, of a poem I submitted just before Christmas, and it’s about to be published in Prolific Pulse’s up-coming anthology “Heart Beats”.. a lovely piece of ambience..

    “Clear Blue Jar

    Laying here looking above
    Staring toward the sky
    Wondering why
    Why is our sky blue?
    How do we perceive hue’s?
    And why say “Feeling blue”
    When it is not true
    The blue I see
    Is no-one’s fool
    So why fool with me
    Seeing every new face
    Has your forever smile
    Yours on every dial
    Like yesterday’s last mile
    Doing your time in style
    Smiling faces, new and old alike
    Beaming, even from afar
    Smiling at my new life
    My life in a clear blue jar”

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    • there has to be a smart guy on every prompt! That’s about as ambient as it is Friday! But eh we are well ahead of the rest of the world so I can post when I want to 🙂

      No turn the siren on and get out of here …

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