Friday Fun – your path

we all travel through life in our best way possible
often on quite different paths
none are right or wrong, just different!

get creative and share your path
in poem, photos, fiction or fantasy?

Please link it back here and read others
PS This is what I call the North wall, a favourite walk of mine, 7 km round trip


    • that would be rather boring 🙂

      I use a canon sx730hs, it’s small and light with a great lens … has to be easy to carry on my walks and cycling


  1. Hi Kate, It’s taken me all day, but my path eventually lead to here…. I think my path was made of rubber, as I seem to be able to bounce back after falling flat on my face…

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  2. Intuition helps us if we listen to it… when we come to choices in the road.
    When we take neighborhood walks we often change up the direction just to alter the view. 🙂

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