She woke feeling disorientated, fighting the blur to pin exactly where she was. That’s right the old house was finally hers despite all the skeptical comments and harsh judgments. She had ploughed on determinedly to purchase this lovely old place as her home and to establish a bookstore in this tiny backwater.

Her dream was finally coming to fruition. After all the dismal obstacles of lockdown, losing her partner and then her job she’d decided to save her job seeker allowance and all the governments covid bonuses. Now was the time to step out of paid employment and initiate her own venture, to become self-sufficient and finally prove that she could do it!

She’d always been practical and liked a bit of home renovation. With a few coats of paint, installing loads of bookshelves, some strategic lighting it would work well. The bones of the building were solid. And the plumbing and electrical had been updated prior to going on the market, so the rest was just cosmetic.

The location was ideal, situated just off the main street in her preferred rural town. A completely new start since her heart had been broken, lockdown had given her the time to deal with her demons, grieve and grow. Opportunity had offered the right conditions to liberate herself. As the sun finally rose, she was starting to understand.          

Writing Prompt: write a short story (up to 500 words)
starting with the sentence: ‘She woke‘
and finishing with:
‘As the sun finally rose, she was starting to understand.’


  1. I echo the others here. Being able to do what you love where you enjoy being. A delightful read.
    At one point before the new library was built in the neighboring town the public library was housed in the lower half of an old home. I used to take my children there when they were young.

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  2. Yes. This is a beautiful reverie. It would be a lovely “dream come true”. I have spent many a day in a used bookstore. In High School I was a regular inhabitant and the owner would sell me a book and then buy it back for only a nickel less than I paid. Since I didn’t live in the city I couldn’t get a free library card. To buy a library card was beyond my means – but I could handle a quarter a week!! Such good memories – Thanks for jostling the brain box!

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  3. A great story, and it’s amazing that you can always start over, you have to be aware of it and not be afraid of change. And when you fail, get up and start over. This is what life is about, you have to face adversities.
    I enjoyed reading your story.

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  4. A beautiful heart-touching write, SweetKate!
    I love when people find THE place they fit in, where they need to be…make me so happy. 🙂
    YAY for She in your story! 🙂 From feeling disoriented to starting to understand…makes for a good day.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  5. A great title, Kate, with the concept of “sufficiency” woven throughout your story. I especially like the sentence “the bones of the building were solid.” And the words “…grieve and grow.” I am in awe how you brought your story full circle with the prompts. You brought me right along with you. I greatly enjoyed this post!

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