Friday Fun – diet

Diets are not only about weight loss … altho I do need that!

they are about how we feed ourselves in every possible way
our physical mental emotional and spiritual input

how do you “feed” yourself?

get creative use photos writing poetry fiction
then link your post back here and read some others!

an internet gem


  1. So true, all the things we take in within our environment are absolutely “digested” within our bodies. I had to pretty much stop or severely limit my exposure to all the things happening with Covid and politics within the US several months ago. Not to say I didn’t keep myself updated…I just was more careful because of the impact it was having on my emotional and mental health.

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  2. Diet is important, but you need to be reasonable in everything. Everything needed in small quantities. You need a lot of vegetables, and with me -16 and snow, it is difficult to get out, because there are large drifts. There is no chance of a warming until the end of February, maybe March will be more favorable. Did you know that I planted parsley, coriander and rocket on the window? I’ll have my own greens.

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  3. Excellent, SweetKate! Wise wisdom! 🙂
    Oh, so many things I do…music, walks, reading, meditating, crafts, listening to others talk, gardening, volunteer work, nature outings, my gratitude list, ETC! 🙂
    Guess What?!?!?
    Your writing is a healthy staple in my diet! Thank you for letting me read! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤

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