imps #couplets

you may have heard tales
of fairies goblins and whales

smooris are tiny unknowns
evasive as our hormones

they cut a door
laying a soft floor

in mushrooms hollowed
as innards are swallowed

a miniscule multi-storied home
in a forest they are free to roam

living the quiet off-grid life
always careful to avoid strife

enhancing our environment
luring us toward enlightenment

so small we are unaware
that they are even there

every time we are kind
a blessing will unwind

like a kiss or close hug
heart-strings they tug

opening us to more
they totally ensure

stable mental health
treasures of inner wealth

please open your imagination
to understanding the causation

of our very own kindness
that overcomes blindness

connect with your smooris imps
to smooth those personal blimps

the rewards are great
don’t leave it too late!

d’Verse, fungi, Sarah


  1. every time we are kind a blessing will unwind

    like a kiss or close hug heart-strings they tug

    Absolutely loved these lines and your poem too, so uniquely woven with positivity and kindness as the message.

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  2. Lovely shots and your words Kate. I like to observe all small and big friends during my walks. Each one is special in its own way.

    Every time we are kind. We create positivity. It helps us to be little more human.

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  3. The rewards are great for sure! Love this poem, SweetKate!
    I like mushrooms…the edible kinds and I like seeing mushrooms of all kinds in nature. They make me think of a whole ‘other world that is so tiny we can’t see it or what might be going on. 😉
    We must appreciate, and respect, everything in nature, even the tiniest things. And we must appreciate, and respect, each other as Human-Beans! 😉 🙂
    Keeping up the kindness! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  4. I love the way you weave the two strands together here, Kate: the mushrooms with there own inner strength which we must also pursue if we are to find peace: ‘living the quiet off-grid life
    always careful to avoid strife’

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  5. This is magical! I can imagine the imps and their hidden life – amplifying the good in the world and sending out spores of kindness and goodwill! Makes me wish we had some more of them around. Sadly I think they were mostly exterminated in DC….

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  6. I just love mushrooms, but there is something satisfying when on a mushroom hunt, you actually find some. 🙂

    they are often hidden, and that’s why it’s very satisfying to discover them.

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