embracing #quadrille

when we give others
what pleases us
with gentle kindness
and real love

a genuine compliment

a warm smile

a helping hand

really hearing what they say

then things flow fortuitously
and others feel the embracing
warmth and gratitude of our
authentic metaphorical hug

d’Verse, embrace in 44 words, Merril
other embracing poems – black n white 
and weaving


  1. Such beautiful lines, Kate. Years ago, these ideas described a lot of folks I knew. Now, not so much. Especially the “really hearing what they say” part. Is it just my experience, or is it increasingly more difficult to find people who care enough to really listen to what you say? 🌞

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  2. A helping hand, smile and cordiality are important to survive difficult moments. Another humans needs each other. It’s good when we come to help first.
    Your poems are full of love and affection for people. You’re a Good Human.
    best regards

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  3. So looking forward to the ‘real’ thing – not that true heartfelt meanings are any less.
    Got to take my one grand into school this morning so I got a small hug there – bliss.


  4. A beautiful poem that will stand through the eras ahead…because it is truth and wisdom everyone needs now and everyone in the future will need! 🙂
    SweetKate: I always feel like I’ve been hugged warmly and sincerely when I visit you here and read your words! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  5. They say, its better to give than to receive…same goes with giving out love and kindness…we can still choose to be kind and to love even if others chose otherway.

    I always say this kate and i’ll say it again i adore the fact that you can put into beautiful poetic perspective anything out of ordinary💕💕💕

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  6. I love this! It’s so true that when we give, others can feel it. A smile or a “How are you?” can go a long way for many. Just having that kindness and care, it can inspire that same feeling in others, and it can go on and on and on. Well, hopefully. It’s a great joy in life, in my opinion, to make someone feel better.

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  7. Genuine smile, warm hug and authentic kindness are such treasures when exchanged the joy grows for all multifold. Your poem is so beautiful to read. I especially enjoyed the resonance as an extension of what I just now posted about genuine smiles verses the habitual ones.

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