cures #couplet

drifting into sleep the other night
my fantasy took off at full flight

everyone running hither and thither
with single blooms they’d plucked

offering to each other
with a smile and kindly words

joy bursting right out
bubbling light wafting about

Blue Minks favoured a melting pot
but now I tasted “love a lot”

absent strife
drunk on life

spreading loving kindness
with gender blindness

greetings and salutations
a worldwide epidemic

and soon bright colourful balloons
joined those vivid blooms

in a massive dose of playfulness
but as they gave one away

another would rush up and say
‘here this is for you’

so here they were for hours
giving and receiving

each time they gave
their afflictions caved

lessening their heavy burden
by days end they would mend

knowing gratitude
was a healing attitude

massively fading afflictions
curing destructive addictions

their life was lighter
and much brighter

for they’d found the key
to how they were meant to be

spreading love, laughter and joy!

needless to say I slept so deeply and woke with another amazing dream
… all true


  1. Hope to see it turn to reality. So beautiful it would be to receive and give flowers. Wow I would have a great colourful collection of them all. I am imagining the same. 🙂

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  2. I think your poems are a signpost on how to proceed in difficult times. You should look for a foothold in good people, they can help if you need to.

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  3. I can imagine you writing/typing this with a tall glass of lemonade and your legs crossed. Looking out the window as you think of the next line. I love it, it gave me my own bliss when reading it 💙👌🏽

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  4. Your lovely dream reminds that I’ve recently been thinking I want to get back to keeping a dream journal. I dream very vividly like you my dear Kate, though so many details are lost if I don’t capture them shortly within waking. Especially since I tend to often dream within a dream…it sounds odd, but maybe you know what I mean my dear Kate (my hubby doesn’t generally dream so vividly and can’t grasp my dream state).

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    • I completely agree, last night I was the narrator of a story within my dream…I don’t ever remember having dreams in that same format before. It was intriguing and the message of the story was really sweet.

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  5. As I suppose you’ve heard
    I’m a sucker for a word
    I’m a plucker of the petals in a poem
    So any mention of a plucking
    Sends me dashing, darting, ducking
    From the fear of where I think I’ll hear you goin’
    I run from the obscene
    So I insist you keep it clean
    I am analysing every single letter
    So when you suggest a pluck
    I reply “you’re out of luck”
    I was naughty once but now I’m getting better


  6. What a joyfilled dream!!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing it with us, SweetKate!!! 🙂 We must continue to spread the joy, love, and laughter! 🙂 It is always fun to greet others with kind words, smiles, and waves! 🙂
    🌹 🎈 🌼 🎈 😊 🌷 🎈 🌻
    A beautiful dream, a good sleep, AND a poem filled with smiles…All cures, for sures! 😉 😀
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…your photo is gorgeous! Pansies are one of my fav flowers…their sweet faces make me grin! 😀

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  7. You reminded me of some of my neighbor hood walks. My hubby and I don’t even know the names of half the folks we pass but recognize – and we always wave and smile 😀

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  8. I love your fantasy and it reminds me of my hikings in Norway. It is a culture to greet and talk to strangers when on mountains which automatically lift our spirits 😊

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