Friday Fun – solar

the sun gives us warmth, joy, light, power, energy

here are some solar panels providing power on a sunny day

get solar creative with your photos or stories to warm us up

link it back here and check out some others


  1. You are a solar panel in my life! You bring warmth, light, energy, ETC. to me! 🙂 And I always leave here glowing! 😉 😀
    Your photo is so beautiful, SweetKate…the blues, whites, greens…and then that HUGE burst of purple from the tree!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. […] oh, dear Mr. Sun, Mr. Sunwhat power you holdthat when we look at you,you shine brightly as you ever doyour arrogance is felt every step of my waythe arrogance that is truly undeniably charmingfor one can never dismiss your beauty in all its gracefulnessoh, dear Mr. Sun, Mr. Sunhow lovely you look todayas if you are God’s morning starglowing, blazing, shining, flamingyou are by far the most beautiful thing God has ever createdfor no one can dismiss the fact that you do wonders all the timeoh, dear Mr. Sun, Mr. Sunare you a star or just a fiery ball in the sky?or could you be a glowing medallion hangingfrom somewhere we will never know?one thing’s for sure though, I will never forget youand that fateful afternoonwhere you blazed like a Titan’s fiery wheel in the skyit was a dazzling with splendor, a heart- swelling momentfor in between the gaps of the windowyou shone more brightly than you used toyou were the silent witness of a lovea love that was born, born to last foreverFor Kate’s Friday Fun – solar […]

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