we all want, even crave
meaningful connections
a tribe with our vibe

some families have it strong
for others it’s a few close friends
or a supportive poetry group

don’t let loneliness overwhelm
making my own network
is not always easy

yet the rewards are many
with comfortable companions
on life’s rocky road

acceptance without judgement
love without strings
so joyful my heart sings

WP is a true blessing
now I’m also accessing
a like-minded local tribe

walking in nature
helping each other
contributing as needed

such mateship lifts my mood
a real sense I’m understood
heard and valued for who I am

a circle of love
extends to lift me above
hardships and confusion

find yours to enjoy
kindly support they employ
hearts more in sync

makes life worthwhile
connect with those of a similar style
brings fulfilment with a smile!

d’Verse, OLN, Lillian


  1. Ah yes though, how powerful it is to still commune with nature – a good reminder of that here too in what is a very refreshing write for the spirit – thank you

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  2. Kate, how true this is! WP is a very kind and friendly place! It has meant a lot to me during the pandemic isolation. I am glad that I met you there! A beautiful, meaningful poem! ❤ It's great that you found some like-minded friends in your new neighborhood to enjoy nature together. 🙂

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  3. That rainbow is such magical smile of the Universe 🙂 Your poem has all the elements for shaking my head in agreement – what a precious tribe we have hear for being heard, received and acknowledged.

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  4. YES YES YES indeed. A tribe with a vibe — a pub that’s the rub where words are what we imbibe! A circle of writers with unconditional support that stretches round the globe! 🙂 LOVE this post! Thank you SO much for responding to the prompt this way. This is exactly how I feel about dVerse! 🙂

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  5. A great tribute to the poetic tribe and so good to have all these connections so even with lockdowns we can
    ‘acceptance without judgement
    WP is a true blessing’

    with the strength of our virtual links and love for poetry.

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  6. I love your phrase “comfortable companions,” Kate. I could not ask for more. “Heart sings” has been in my radar recently. Everything about your poem resonates with a gem in every line. Interesting how you varied the size of the font. Almost depicting waves. I loved everything about “Belonging.”

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  7. A tribe with a vibe… I love that line 🙂 ❤ Such a beautiful poem about how the right circle feeds us. I too have found a lot of acceptance here on WP – including from YOU!

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    • likewise with you Irma … no idea how you do it all but you are impressive!

      Referred a new blogger to you as she is in training for marathons and I thought your posts might give her some encouragement 🙂


  8. This is a lovely poem, Kate. We all need our tribe. Who else is going to deal with little insane me? Though, rumor has it, my friends think I’m far past the point of help. 😀 And hey, I can’t disagree.

    (I’m joking, by the way. We rib each other like this all the time).

    No, but really, we need to have our family or found family with us. It’s important to have and maintain these connections, even if some turn out to be life-lasting or short lived, as they teach us something and reveal more about ourselves. We learn the concepts and complexities of our emotions and vulnerabilities; we learn how much we care for other people and how it is okay to be open and honest, as true friends and family will always have your back, good times and bad times.

    You communicate this very well. Beautifully written.

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  9. This is beautiful and brought me some joy-tears! YAY for all of our family and friends around the globe! 🙂 Support groups are so important! And lovely for so many of us that we already had that built in support group here before we got house-bounded more than ever before! 😮 YAY for WP! YAY for computers! 🙂
    Your blog is such a welcoming, beautiful, safe place to sit a spell! 🙂 Thank you, SweetKate! 🙂

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  10. ‘WP is a true blessing
    now I’m also accessing
    a like-minded local tribe’

    – A like-minded local tribe spread all over the world – true words and a true blessing. Thank you Kate 🙏

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  11. Thank you for your wonderful words in this era of forced isolation. People simply break down, instead of looking for related souls and support. 🙂
    Best regards

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  12. Delightful and beautiful poem, Kate. I feel so blessed to have you as my friend and thanks to WordPress so many bloggers have connected and become one big happy family. Love to be your friend always. You are a wonderful being.

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  13. Your so right, Kate! We all need that little group we belong to and that provides our emotional support. And I love the way you acknowledge that if we aren’t born into it, we can certainly create one for ourselves!

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  14. It makes life really easier if we have that sense or feeling of belonginess….2020 has been very difficult but we all survived…we made it to 2021 and believe a great part of us surviving it is the fact that we have people around whom we are deeply connected with..

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