soar high #haibun

I’ve lived in a land where eagles soar, circling on thermal winds. They know no borders nor seek approval for they are sufficient, masters of their environment. Eat when hungry, fly to hunt or just for fun. Their nests safe and remotely private.

No fear of prey as they are self-sufficient. Their cry a piercing alert as they are a warning signal. Could but we know their wisdom, be less fearful, more astute, use resources only as needed and have wholesome comfort within our own environment!

majestic with ease

winter silence a solace

they drift on the breeze

d’Verse, eagle, Frank T


  1. I enjoy seeing the big birds in flight, from the smaller falcons, Cooper’s hawks, even the condors (vultures) – They use the wind. You’ve laid out a lovely lesson in your haibun. 🦅

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  2. This is a beautiful piece. You know eagles take birth twice, once when they are born and the other time when they grow hold, dragged by their old wings and crooked nails. They go through a transformation process painfully shedding every bit, till the point they can hunt and flu with agility again

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  3. Kate,

    nor seek approval

    It’s interesting that you wrote this in particular about the eagle… because to a large extent it’s true about many creatures… but – you’re right – there’s something about the eagle that inspires these words. Well done!


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  4. Nicely done, Kate. I like how you start up high, with eagles soaring and circling on thermal winds – I got the urge to look up! I can’t imagine seeing them on the ground very often. I love the phrases ‘masters of their environment’ and ‘majestic with ease’.

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  5. You’ve paid such a beautiful tribute to eagles with your words and haiku and photo!!!
    I always feel honored and awed when I get to see an eagle!
    We always learn so much, and we grow, too, if we take time to observe birds and apply what we learn to our own lives. 🙂
    🦅 🦅 🦅

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  6. Love watching the caracara birds and hawks that soar over my mountain home. There was a John Belushi film where he meets a woman whose job it is to observe eagles high up in the mountains. I always wished for a similar experience..

    Continental Divide with John Belushi and Blair Brown! If you haven’t seen it, have a look.

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    • wow Judy that movie is 40 years old, JB looks so young! Certainly looks like it would be a fun one to watch … my pic is a sculpture in a victorian cafe


  7. The eagle and the crow both exhibit “play” behavior while flying. Yet the eagle retains majesty where the crow is labeled a clown… (I still like the crow better as they have no pretense in being high class!)

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  8. Man, the spoiler, the greedy gut, the poor shepherd, the sports hunter and all-around asshole. Your poem is a hopeful truthful breath of whimsical logic.

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  9. Really enjoyed this post to the prompt.
    “”use resources only as needed —- I’ve never thought about that as it relates to birds that hunt. But that is certainly true. They don’t hire a taxidermist to ready the head with antlers to hang in the den! We have lessons to learn from the animal kingdom!

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  10. Ah! I have just read David’s post about the bald eagle, and chuckled at the similarity, or coincidence, after reading yours. 🙂

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