oz ode

I’ve grown up Aussie style, a sun-kissed Weet Bix kid,
I’ve played netball in my tiny skirt, bounced the ball and skid
I’ve choked on a fly and still been a happy little Vegemite,
I’ve smiled even when the mozzies started to bite.
I’ve swung from the Hills Hoist then ran from Mums smack,
I’ve hitched across Asia and Europe with my backpack
I’ve slept and woken to Kookaburras laughing in a gum tree
I’ve burnt my soles on sand and nearly drowned in the sea.
I’ve crossed a road so hot that the tar stuck to my shoe
I’ve swatted at Louie and yes I have had a red back on my loo.
I’ve tossed about seeking sleep under that noisy wobbly fan,
I’ve been as happy as a pig in shit and been not happy Jan.
I’ve seen the giants of my land, the prawn, banana and the sheep,
I’ve said “she’ll be right” just before I’ve landed in a huge shit heap.
I’ve been buzzed by cicadas and dealt with the blue arsed fly,
I’ve eaten Pavs and Lammos and poured dead horse on top of a pie.
I’ve Slip Slop and Slapped but seldom use the Aeroguard,
I’ve shared veggie barbies with my mates in our big backyard.
I’ve done some hard yakka and been flat out like a lizard drinking,
I’ve seen a bogan with a mullet and thought “what the hell was he thinking”
I’ve said things like “deadly”, “ripper”, “bonza” and “Oh boy”
I’ve melted for day after day, then greeted a wild storm with great joy
I’ve mastered my rites of passage like the full pelt sprint in thongs,
I’ve danced to Acca-Dacca and know the words to LRB songs.
I’ve swum at pristine beaches and smelt eucalypt in the air
I’ve danced the national dance the “hot sand shuffle” with flair
I’ve peeled layers of skin after long hot summer days
I’m aghast as mining companies our environment and heritage erase
I’ve been subjected to unruly behaviour and bad taste pun
I’m in awe of our wildlife and from a few I have had to run
I’ve lived through summers each hotter than the one before.
I’ve noted our subtle pervasive bigotry, rotten to the core.
I’ve had a Gaytime, cracked a Cornetto and tried every Paddle Pop,
I’ve found the ageism racism and misogyny difficult to cop
I’ve noted our First Nation peoples still clamouring to be heard
I’ve noted too many in our institutions and how their deaths are blurred
I’m deeply offended that our refugees languish in concentration zoo
I travelled to places like Mullimgrad, Goondiwindi and Woolloomooloo,
I’ve grown up in a country they call lucky, peaceful but not so free,
I’ve got a strong heart connection to this sunburnt country.
I’ve stood for our National Anthem and I’ve screamed oi oi oi,
I’m dedicated to my blessed country, it’s foibles we should destroy
I’ve stood under the Southern Cross and been in awe of what I can see,
Cause I’m True Blue, I’m Dinky Di, a 100 percent proud Aussie.

a heavily edited ozzie ode, a meme that circulates late January
added a couple of lines from Brian, thanks!

Sorry I guess this may need a translation for most …
think about it and share what you think it means


  1. I think we all should be proud enough to take pride in our different countries of origin and to note the ills that still need repair. One can only hope that the newer generations will fair better with those prejudices that still exist, where ever they live.

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  2. This was brilliant Kate, so full of pride for your homeland yet not blind to its problems. Such a fun ride yet a serious message also: a difficult balance to get right and you aced it 🤩

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  3. I got quite a lot of it, thanks to growing up with Aussie teachers!
    Knowing you as much as I have come to by now, I can guess the edited parts! Thanks for sharing such a delightful word picture of Aussies.

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  4. I think I got some of the Aussie flavor of this, although the brand names and slang are beyond me. It is good to love your country and identify with it. I admire that you also mention a few of your country’s problems. I think that “my country right or wrong” is too prevalent an attitude with some right-wing “patriots” in the US. How can you solve problems if you deny their existence? Enjoy your week, Kate! ❤

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  5. The way to know if there are any Aussies around when OS. The sound of the rubber thong slap on the footpath and you know there’s an Australian around somewhere 😀 😀

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  6. A ripper Kate. Strewth some will need a translator.
    You forgot the
    “I’ve walked across a road so hot that the tar stuck to the bottom of your shoe”
    “I’ve been awoken and gone to sleep with Kookaburras in the gum trees”
    ….and many more

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  7. I read this poem out loud to Cooper and he said, “Crikey!” 😀

    OH!!! I bet Ivor could translate for us! 😉 😀

    This was such a delightful read!!! 🙂 What wonderful life experiences! 🙂
    Cheers, mate…and (((HUGS)))

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    • closest summary yet Lisa … the original neglects to mention some nasty ingrained traits we have! Having resided overseas for many years I see both the good and unhealthy points 🙂

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