buckin blue

what hues of blues impact you

a gentle lapping of the river

with a lighter shade of vast sky

clouds dismissed for today

people huddled with their fear

children limping along in dilapidation

wives concealing their battered face

elderly recovering from another fall

homeless just wanting a space to rest

melancholic strumming of the guitar

a speedy flash of gleaming car

a bird calling on the wing

what gives you that inner zing

how do you change that blue hue


d’Verse, beginnings, Peter


  1. I am very grateful that i am the kind of person whose happiness and joy is basically just the “basics”..my kids, my hubby, my poetry and my family and my friends..but whenever i really am feeling blue i do yoga or just exercise it makes me feel better

    Thank you kate for this lovely poem

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  2. I’ve been thinking a lot
    About getting a job
    But I’m paranoid about my hair
    I’m just out of school
    And I don’t mind saying I’m scared
    My folks have been picking on me
    Treating me bad, I just don’t think that’s fair
    I’ve got the blues. The teenage blues


  3. Very intense and powerful poem! You clearly show the shades of ‘blue’. I do like to focus on the ‘blue sky’ of new beginnings, but the ‘blues’ people suffer are real and heartbreaking. Let us pray that the bluest skies of hope will touch the lives of all who suffer; let us radiate that hope in all the lives we touch each day.

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  4. A thoughtful poem, Kate. All the hues of blues–from gentle to tragic–but then the question at the end. Perhaps how do you change the blues for yourself–and for others.

    Love that Odetta!

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  5. Powerful poem, SweetKate! You highlighted good blues and sad blues.

    The sky, water, blue birds, blue flowers, blueberries, music, blue frogs, blue insects, blue lights, ETC…all of these chase away THE blues for me! 🙂

    And we must continue to do positive things to help those who feel stuck in THE blues because of their life circumstances.
    💙 🐳 💧 🏞 🦋 🐬 🌊 💙

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  6. My late husband was a huge fan of the blues! We used to go to outdoor concerts and street festivals when we lived in DC and listen to the blues. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Odetta! A wonderful, meaningful poem, Kate ❤
    Have a great weekend!

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  7. I always love the oceans and looking at the blue waters and where the blue skies meet the canola flower fields when in Perth, WA. Somehow your Aussie skies are bluer than our skies here. I wonder why though?

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  8. From the hope of a blue sky to the dejection of a bruise – the full spectrum of blues. There is much to be seen and felt in the color blue… the poem touches on many blues and some are very tender when touched…

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  9. Interesting that when I read your opening line, I thought blue has been a favorite color of mine forever. I have since added a couple more, but I keep coming back to blue. For me blue is postive, along with blues, like Odetta is singing! Love it.

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  10. You’re blue vibration of using your throat chakra to speak the of truth around some topics we want to pretend don’t exist because they make people uneasy. Speaking up and giving a voice to those who have lost theirs under the detrimental circumstances they’re in.

    Thank you Kate for always shining your beautiful light! ❤️❤️

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  11. Listening, toe-tapping, jiving, loving this music! No way am I going to be blue after listing to her!

    “Good man left this town, no matter. Blues in my room. My dear sweet man has gone.” Oh boy!!!

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  12. Thanks for Odetta (just right for a rainy morning here in Wollongong) – and this lovely bluesy poem. I liked the soundings in that first line – and the direct question – (we’ve all got the blues, which blues are you?) engages me in this gently provocative piece.

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  13. great Blue – tunes. I remember I tried to get into The Blues when I was younger. I kinda did and did not quite take to it.

    Your poem is extremely clever. Some of the blue hues pull at the heart a lot. It was really WONDERFUL to read and it captured a place in my heart – because of the truth within the reality of life. You did a great job as you always do with your poetry.

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