our way #couplet #TimMinchin

society wants to box us in
to conform with marriage
and mortgage, status, success
wealth and materialism

but we need to break that mould
to find our own way
to balance our well-being
with mental health

and skilful emotional outlets

to find our peace

d’Verse, 44 words ‘way’, Lisa

This guy has a way with words, a hero of mine … a talented poet, musician and comedian!


  1. This is my FAVORITE thing you have written to date Kate! I was raised in a home that you were to fit in a mold, period. It was beaten into our heads daily. After years of living this way, the mold is breaking and it feels amazing. I think all kids should memorize this………it would change so many lives. And thank you for introducing me to Tim Michin!!!

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  2. Perfect message for these times! Love this! I think too often we get trapped in the “societal norms.” What freedom is found in being who we were truly created to be…unique wonderfully and marvelously made individuals!

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  3. Don’t box me in! Yup…..society does have its norms. Let them not be yokes of burdens however. Let us be ourselves, within the reasonable. But then….who decides the reasonable? Ah…..a conundrum indeed.

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  4. I stand and applaud this Kate. I agree..we need to break these certain expections or rules. From where I am there is one crazy rule most families practice – one has to work damn hard to support the other member who by virtue of laziness chose not to work hard

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    • yes, if the rule is broke why engage it Mich … here the govt keeps people on a tight leash 33% below the poverty line. Some top it up illegally but what do they expect 😦

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  5. HA! 😀 Thank you for sharing Tim with us here! 😛 He made me snort-laugh! 🙂 He is more than a triple threat…what talent!!! 🙂
    Gorgeous photo! 🙂
    Encouraging, wise, inspiring poem! We all have our own path to inner peace each and every day! 🙂
    And when individuals are at peace there can be a collective peace within the flock. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    One of my fav quotes…
    “Tranquillity is contagious, peace is contagious. One only thinks of the contagiousness of illness, but there is the contagion of serenity and joy.” – Anaïs Nin

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  6. To find my own way
    Is a difficult task today
    My body is as brittle as china clay
    And my mind is in disarray

    But don’t worry or be dismayed
    I’m watching the ‘Game of Thrones’ replay
    Which I cannot remember anyway
    And I’ve mislaid my afternoon tea-tray

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  7. Yes we do for sure Kate, my squiggly self agrees to I do not want to conform to be a straight line…to fit into yet another square box. I want to experiment, explore, express in feels natural and right for me. We all have the right to squiggle away to our own unique rhythm. ❤️😊

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