Friday Fun – shapes

shapes can attract or repel 
for me these strange flowers are fascinating

what shapes appeal to or influence you?

Share thru photography or creative writing then link back here


  1. I find that flower fascinating Kate! 😊 Recently I’ve found myself drawn to things like Celtic symbols and the like. I drew the symbols for some of the Chakras in my journal this week and the movement with my brush pen was cathartic.

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  2. Thanks for the post. Shapes can inspire, bring back memories.
    Tree roots, flowers, clouds, nature rich in interesting shapes stimulate human imagination.

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  3. I have that flower in my garden ..we call it Birds of Paradise ..they are beautiful and the serves as beautiful flower arrangements for home decors.

    And now, i have an idea for this😉

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  4. They looked like lobster claws arranged artfully! Nature sure has a way of intriguing those who will look!
    The flower also reminded me of ‘Birds of Paradise’ that grow are more common in warmer climates.

    The icon ❤ image of a heart has always confounded me since in reality it doesn’t really look like the real thing. Most definitely has been romanticized.

    I also like some of the Asian kanji that have images to represent the word. Like forest 森林 or mountain 山 and fire 火

    But then I also the way straight lines and curves make letter to make up the words of languages. 😀

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  5. Wonderful photo, SweetKate! Such a beautiful unique artistic flower!
    I have so many fav shapes!
    ❤ ⭕️ 🔷 🕇 🔺
    I find so many of my fav shapes in nature…the moon, aloe plants, tree rings, snowflakes, rainbows, clouds, ETC!!!!!!!! 🙂
    OOH! Know when you're up in an airplane and you look down (I always love sitting in a window seat!) and you see fields filled with rows and rows and rows of veggies or grains or flowers growing? I love the long lines, the colors, the precise order, the "never ending" feel, and the beauty! 🙂

    And sometimes the fields look like a quilt from above! So beautiful! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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