connecting #couplets

we all crave meaningful connection
deleteriously avoiding rejection

we seek those who reflect our vibes
in order to connect with our tribes

acquaintances galore
reliable friendship poor

we desperately want more
to confide we implore

to be believed, to be heard
emotional intimacy stirred

to be accepted and understood
to fill that gap would be so good

so rare to find, so freeing
it ensures our well-being

d’Verse, connection, Merril

I believe meaningful connection is vital to our well-being
… for that reason I have a category solely devoted to connections
… here are a few of my previous examples, my country; collaboration; choices.


  1. We humans need the love and care which makes us feel special. Very much connecting with a person who understands us is worth a thousand others who only are there. Rightly said.

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  2. Meaningful connection is what we strive for and in filling the gap. Your words spoke seamlessly on the chemistry and understanding. There are times when we no longer feel connected with older ones and find meaning in new relationships. Connect and vibes at a deeper level matters.

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  3. acquaintances galore
    reliable friendship poor

    This is so true in today’s world. It is of utmost importance to connect to those who feel like our tribe and thankfully there are much more possibilities open like this blog space, virtual connections and that leading to in-person noble friendships. Your poem brings out this truth and feeling so beautifully.

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  4. This is so evocative! 💝 Nowadays, I feel that every shred of connection that we are able to make, be it by simply passing each other through the street or smiling out the window or reading and comprehending emotion via poetry is by all means a gift! Hopefully the pandemic will cease 🙂 and we’ll return to strengthening our connections. 💝

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  5. Connections are vital to our wellbeing, and I find the connections within this community of poets so freeing:
    ‘to be believed, to be heard’ – that’s what we have here, and it’s a special thing!

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  6. So true! So wise! So important! Connection has always been vital, but this past year even more so! Thank you for sharing this with us, SweetKate!!!
    I am thankful for you and your writings and your words…you have been a lifeline to so many of us in 2020!!! 🙂
    YAY for a tribe of friends and caring people! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  7. Yes, Kate , on the web we meet true friends ; We are in awful mourning when they die, or again in a great dispair when they left, we rejoice together , we know more the mandkinD on all continents .
    Great poem about what the web is allowing for good will people;
    Love ❤

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  8. So nice and beautifully written poem, Kate on being connected. It is so nice to be connected with each and everyone. Can understand what the other wants and in difficult times can be a support too. Our society needs that right now. Lovely and such dainty flowers too.

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  9. Beautiful words, Kate! Fun, meaningful and poignant. “Emotional intimacy” resonates with me. And I agree, “rare.” A priceless treasure when you have this relationship in your life.❤️ Erica

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  10. Mine was a connection/conversation without words …

    “A Conversation Without Words”

    I see her lips curve
    I see her mouth move
    The words I do not understand
    But I know the meaning of that sound
    I sense the inflection in her tone
    And her silent eyes tell no lies

    I savour her smile
    I gently hold her hand
    And through her soft palm
    I feel her heartbeat caress mine

    By, Ivor Steven ©

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