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The joyful miracle of giving birth to another life cannot be equalled. But with five strong characters to rear sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy. They could never be a ‘burden’ but getting it [parenting] right is.

Trying to avoid what I didn’t appreciate from my own childhood and install that confidence and curiosity that was absent. I closely watch other parents in order to learn what to do and what to abandon. Always praying that my kids will be grateful for their upbringing even though their father is mostly absent.

He does his best earning a substantial income but sadly had to go overseas to do that. I miss his invaluable input, the camaraderie of sharing our antidotes. Sure we do it on zoom but that’s a long stretch from snuggling up on the lounge. Will love win through.


d’Verse, 144 word prosery, Linda

“Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy,” from Mary Oliver’s “Spring Azures.”


  1. Loved the line “with 5 strong characters.” Parenting is so hard, yet so rewarding. It makes you want to cry and it makes you want to scream and it makes you want to laugh out loud. And it is especially hard when one parent is far away. Great job with the prompt.

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  2. This is gorgeously written. I don’t need to meet you in person to say this, “you are a wonderful parent!” 🙂 And yes, love will most definitely win through! 💝💝

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  3. Parenting was not easy but I’m thankful to have three terrific adult children who have turned out so well with families of their own. Your character is going to be fine because love will win.

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  4. Well written tale! Parenting is an art…perfection is not the goal. We learn so much from our children as well as they learning from us. But, if you look at a beautiful painting, it is the result of many brushstrokes. In places, the colors blur. We all make mistakes, start again…with the proper light, the overall beauty is unmistakable. (Just people doing their very best, with the help of God to guide them.)

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  5. Excellent relatable write, SweetKate!!!
    I’ve been a LOT of great places! I’ve done a LOT of fun and wonderful things! I’ve had some interesting jobs and volunteer jobs! I’ve met a LOT of amazing people from all over the world!
    But, the greatest things I ever got to do was make a loving comfy safe home…be a mom…and get to know the MOST amazing human-beans that are my children! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  6. I am a child of my parents. They have 2 others but fruits from the same tree do not turn out the same despite same training or upbringing. So, I am cynical and say that parenting also requires luck on getting right outcomes.

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  7. Like your take on the prompt, Kate. There’s no job as rewarding and no job as hard, especially on your own for the most part, but you sound as if you’re doing great.

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  8. Wow’re doing a great job I imagine ..very hard for you and hope there is some support for you and that you get some time to care for yourself

    You had me there 😄 great story

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  9. Raising five children with daddy “in absentia” can make the great bones of your life weary” for sure. Perhaps you should change your name to Becalm Kate! Blessings

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