although each of us are unique
we have far more in common
wanting connection
needing to be heard

wishing for sufficient
supplies safety and shelter
justice equality and friendship

each of us face sickness
hardships aging then death

some suffer much more
only because they are poor …
poor in insufficient means
poor in mind or spirit

overwhelmed by self pity
or loathing fear jealousy or anger

too many oppressed due to
their race or religion age gender
or choices … unheard voices!

those with are ignorant
of the needs of those without
some feel entitled = arrogance
wealthy rulers dread losing control

yet caring for the vulnerable
is what it should be about
so give time skills or resources
within our means

as we all inhabit this planet
for the miniscule time we have left
so let’s lay our differences aside
let love and generosity abide

we have far more in common
let those differences subside
charity starts at home
help those nearby

then spread the love out
by standing against injustice
be curious and kind
joy and peace you will find

© 2021 poem and photo Copyrighted https://wordpress.com/aroused.blog


  1. What we truly need in the world is love and unity and as you said all starts with us. Thank you for the beautiful poem. it was very inspiring and in the same time inclusive of all the steps needed to get to unity:)


  2. Beautifully said, a touching truth. We are really here for a short time, we can make it worth while by recognizing how one we are, yearn for the same thing and it is really our privilege to have the opportunity of giving to the other.

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  3. Beautifully said, society has stopped looking and caring for each other. We are so business seeking our own self worth that we do not feel the pain of those less fortunate that ourselves. We don’t have those close knit communities like it was when I was growing up. Society has become numb, blind, and lost. What has the world come to at this point?

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  4. You must be a good person if you want love, harmony and kindness to reign on our planet.
    Thank you for the wise poem, kind people are still in this world.

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  5. Exactly, SweetKate!
    Being respectful, loving, kind, willing to learn from each other, etc….always has that wonderful positive ripple effect! 🙂
    Love the many different birdies in your photo…and they are getting along splendidly! 🙂

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  6. So much truth and wisdom in these verses. I was taught from an early age that there are far more similarities than differences among the people on this earth…. Seems this message needs constant repeating!

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