Friday Fun – icons

an icon or an emblem are often used to define 
a place, a movement, tribe, religion or business

Kangaroo Paw [red one] is an icon Aussie flower

an example would be Australia is often defined by the kangaroo,
opera house or Sydney Harbour Bridge

a kookaburra on farm fencing

or an icon/emblem can be anything that has meaning for you!
So please share an icon or emblem that speaks to you?

Then link it back here and see what others have found!

Here are two aussie emblems, icons to me
… you’ve seen the others posted here before


  1. Lovely images. I think one of the United States of America’s most iconic image is that of the American Eagle as well as the current Stars and Stripes flag.
    Each state (most anyway) has their own flag, motto, bird, bug, animal, tree and flower.


  2. I recognised Kangaroo Paw. But yours depict a really pretty one. The ones I used to see are smaller. I do miss the Land Down Under….my fave strawberry farm must be missing my patronage! Haha

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  3. I’ll see if I can do a Iconic Geelong story Kate…. I was out last night, went my first little live gig for a year… so I missed this post…It was a Geelong Folk Club, music night at the local Navy Club RSL hall..the main act being “Drongo and the Crow”, and there were, singing old iconic Australian songs…maybe this link will work for you Kate…

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  4. The flowers and the kookaburra bring smiles!!! 🙂
    It’s cool that we have positive icons and emblems…when we see them they lift us up!

    things like flags, the bald eagle, heart, dove, waterlilies, rose, the moon and stars, etc, have very personal meaning to me, to my life. 🙂 So many of the personal ones I see in nature. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  5. That’s an absolutely gorgeous photo of a kookaburra! Here the symbol of Slovenia is probably it’s highest mountain, Triglav which you can see on the flag 🇸🇮

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    • sounds like the flag is a true representation of the country!

      Our flag still has the union jack in the top corner … should be replaced with our First Nation’s flag in order to truly represent us 🙂

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  6. I love Kookaburras – at least in photos, I’ve never seen one in real life. But they seem to be such cheerful birds. My contribution is somewhat less lighthearted. 😉

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      • If you like that then Discworld is for you (there are a few films out if you want a fast introduction, Colour of Magic (the first one) is not a good idea as intro, certainly not as a movie, but Colour of Money or Hogfather is a possible way to go.

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  7. The world’s fish bowl fills with many icons, some treasured for many years while others show up as frequently as an unopened box of Cracker Jacks. Right now, I am thinking of a timeless icon gifted to America from France . . . Lady Liberty!

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