dragonfly #personification

the dragonfly hovers
above the water by the lily pad
her beauty quite mesmerising
she is delicate yet strong
moves with tantalising certainty
altho she appears fragile
she is a survivor
for her species has graced
our planet with their presence
for three hundred million years
her flying skills equitable
to our best chopper pilots
transparent wings of various hues
watching her dance diffuses our blues
they reduce our insect population
consuming their body weight each day
lifespan is six months to seven years
they symbolise so many things
but breed in water so that’s
where they prefer to live

d’Verse, personification or imagery, Grace
my photo of a crafted one from Channon Markets

this is the most amazing documentary of dragon flies, not to be missed!


  1. ‘transparent wings of various hues
    watching her dance diffuses our blues’
    Beautiful creations of nature. So much we learn. Do they also undergo the kind of ups and downs like human. I just had this question in mind.

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    • all creatures with brains are said to experience similar emotions but I believe that if they, like us, are so absorbed in just obtaining enough to get by they have little time for emotional indulgences ..

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  2. I so like how your poem undermines the traditional ‘poetic’ version of these as delicate, fragile rising on the wind etc. – to remind us that they’re adept killers and have been around waaay longer than us mammals.

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  3. One of the few insects we consider beautiful, and amazing that they have been around so long. A lovely tribute. Now what about others that have long histories on earth – dandelions and cockroaches?

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  4. Kate, this was utterly delightful!

    And also – educational! I didn’t know this:

    lifespan is six months to seven years

    may I ask how you came to choose the dragonfly as a subject for the prompt?

    Shabbat Shalom,

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  5. you have captured the beauty of the dragon fly her Kate.. i can’t remember the last time i saw one… been years i guess so reading this really makes me wonder how i missed so much about nature already…

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  6. I adore dragonflies, Kate! When my grandmother died, the celebrant compared her life to that of a dragonfly. Afterwards, I was given two keepsakes: her engagement ring and a dragonfly brooch she used to wear. I still have it, along with a dragonfly pendant, earrings, another brooch, and clothes with dragonflies on them. Living near water, I get to watch them in our garden all summer. I enjoyed your description of the dragonfly as moving with ‘tantalising certainty’, alliterative and delicate sounds, praise of her ‘three hundred million year existence on this planet and her superior flying skills. Watching her dance definitely diffuses my blues!

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  7. I’ve always enjoyed and felt honored to watch dragonflies. They are so beautiful, magical, ethereal, otherworldly with silky wings the colour rainbow. 🙂
    You’ve captured them beautifully, SweetKate! 🙂
    The crafted dragonfly in your photo is lovely!


  8. Great poetic description! I think the dragonfly is the “master of change” in that they begin as eggs that hatch in water and the larva/nymphs spend their time in the water too. They are voracious eaters of mosquito larvae so serve an important function. Then they pupate and then hatch into the air! Beautiful and fascinating. You captured them with words in a way that the hands cannot!

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  9. Dragonflies are wonderful! I love to watch them. You described them very well in your poem.
    I liked this line…

    her flying skills equitable

    to our best chopper pilots.

    I have watched them and this is so true…

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  10. I love dragonflies.

    This past spring and summer, I had a blue one that would come to the same place around my house every afternoon when I would go to check my mailbox. Almost like it would meet me there. LOL! I also love butterflies! So pretty!

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  11. I love it when a poet does some research, and weaves into the poem. I love doling that myself. Your imagery is lovely, creating genuine interest an insect beside butterflies.

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  12. moves with tantalising certainty

    altho she appears fragile

    she is a survivor

    These lines jumped at me – very powerful and beautiful!
    I admire how your poems are so informative along with creative beautiful!

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  13. This is absolutely stellar writing 😀 I love how you have described the wonderful details of a dragonfly especially; “her flying skills equitable to our best chopper pilots transparent wings of various hues.”💝💝

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  14. Dragonflies stimulate imagination. They are graceful, and their wings enchant with transparency, which shimmers with different colors in light, over flowers and water. I’m happy with your beautiful poem about dragonflies.

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  15. You have captured the fascination of the dragonfly in these delightful lines, Kate! I find them absolutely mesmerising. I saw some bright red ones around the pool when we lived in Spain: just beautiful, and like you said, tougher than they look!

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