now there is time to pause and ask
do I live with ease, am I up to the task?

aware of ethical standards
know it’s easy to slide backwards 

but when I try to live morally
my heart eases, life is more a breeze

when I step outside those bounds
dis ease, restlessness hounds

when I cause less harm in word thought and deed
much joy comes from such harmonious seed

can I transform my inner pollutants
into subtle sweet perfume 

I know what pleases my mind/heart
anything less gives an uncomfortable start

for the longer I live
I know I must give

at whatever level I’m capable of
coz it brings peace, insatiable love!


© 2021 copyright aroused.blog by calmkate [thanks Bella]


  1. ‘Do I live with ease?’
    This made me think. Rightly said.
    ‘for the longer I live
    I know I must give’
    Beautiful lines.

    Thank you kindly for sharing the powerful words. 🙂

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  2. Such truth! Right on, SweetKate! This is a spectacular poem! Always working/seeking to be in the giving…the peace…the love.
    That photo is wonderful! The birdies “placement”, their reflections…and the one bird looks like another bird is standing on his/her head. 😮 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. This is the whole truth! We must be in tune with the earth and with our bodies… We will know if we aren’t – there is never a subtle hint but a hard slap upside the head. I like to avoid that unpleasantness altogether!

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  4. Oh my dear Kate, this is so lovely. My heart and spirit resonate deeply with thought of finding ease from a natural flow of leaning into the things bring us joy…so we can transfer this energy into love, giving, and compassion. All bringing more peace and harmony into our lives and the lives we touch…both directly and indirectly. 😊❤️

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  5. Did you know that we can only see the photo before we click on the post. Once we click on the post there is no photo in the post itself.

    We should always do the best we can. 😀

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    • It really is up to you. Not sure if it is necessary. But if one wants to refer to it they have to get out of the post and go to the main blog to see it. What ever works for you.

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  6. Love this line of the poem. ”

    when I step outside those bounds
    dis ease, restlessness hounds”

    I too liked how you wrote dis ease, really made a strong point.

    You are a fast learner 😉😉😊 maybe say Copyright aroused by Kate… or something as that the normal way, and all rights reserved.. etc. otherwise it is a Copyright with no owner. 🙄😊😉

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  7. I’m here nodding my head in agreement, as I am reading your eloqent words… I’m listening to ‘Hollow Coves’ this morning and maybe this song suits your poem… enjoy.. 😀😘

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  8. I enjoyed reading through this resonating piece – it is as if we now have a calibrated compass within that wouldn’t let us stir away, if we do there is so much dis-ease and un-ease. Joy, Peace, Calm are the indicators of being on the right track. I love the lines: can I transform my inner pollutants into subtle sweet perfume.

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