captured #object poem #d’Verse

this is not a camera

it’s the eye I see the world thru

recording nature and events

focusing on beauty and intrigue

a reservoir of moments

waiting for my words to

accompany each capture

share for others to enjoy

but press the button for me

a treasure chest of all that I see


d’Verse, object poem, Mish – my photo of sunrise


  1. My daughter is an amateur photographer and it is always a joy to see the world through her eyes. I’m sure the same is true for your work. Well written!

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  2. So well captured, Kate! Your camera has become a part of you and the world in which you live. I love the phrases ‘a reservoir of moments’ and ‘a treasure chest of all that I see’.

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  3. Nature is beautiful and lets us captured those beauties with our eyes and translate our sensations in poem. (without forget our vision is limited ). But Nature offers itself to us such we are and makes the joy of the poet.
    Love ❤

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  4. you are in a magical place Kate… with those beautiful images of nature you share i can i imagine how amazing it is to witness in real life… been in the city for months because of the lockdown and all i see is tall buildings and empty streets..

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    • thank you and thanks for the reblog … I usually ask first but I appreciate that you linked it back and recognised me as the author!

      Nice to meet you 🙂


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