artistic #quadrille

why be drab and dreary
get creative and dab
on some paint or make up

try something out of
your comfort zone

paint vivid colours
or an artistic face
get cheery whatever it takes

once we move past the known
doors open, demons blown!

d’Verse, 44 words with ‘dab’, De Jackson 

© 2021 poem and photo Copyrighted

my photo of yesterday’s rainbow … lots of rain so plenty of rainbows!


  1. Yeah, art never hurts! I have seen women with dramatic eye makeup as the rest of the face is masked and I must say it is very striking.
    Love the rainbow…you get the drift…jealousy raising its head!😉

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  2. My mother used to call her make-up her “war paint”. As an actor, I had to learn to do my own make-up. I was never too good at it.

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  3. A new coat of paint is like a breath of fresh air… but no make up for Ivor… although today I am starting something new and interesting…I’m attending the first ‘hour and half’ session of 5 weekly poetry Zoom meetings, “Writing Circle”, hosted by Ali Grimshaw…

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  4. I absolutely love the power in these last words:
    “doors open, demons blown!”

    I just read a thing that said another country’s tradition (maybe Ireland?) is to open the front door on New Year’s Eve and let the old out, and the new in. Has this ever been more needed than this year? Goodness.

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  5. A great quadrille with a final line that packs a punch! I think next time I go out I might paint my face with full war-paint, even if only half of it will be visible under my mask. At least it would get people talking and maybe cheer them up a bit…

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